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The Photographer of the Dells

Wisconsin Dells is known for its waterparks. It is the waterpark capital of the world, after all. But the Dells were famous and drawing visitors from all over the country and the world long before the first waterpark, Noah’s Ark Waterpark, opened in 1979. The stunning natural landscape of the Dells, Witches Gulch and Coldwater Canyon have been attracting humans for as long as humans have been there.

The Native Americans told a legend of how the Wisconsin Riverbed was formed by a great serpent, wriggling down from the north and his home by the Big Lake. As the legend goes, the serpent crawled over forest and fields and his huge body wore an immense groove in the land and the lake water rushed in behind him. When he came to the sandstone ridge of the Dells, he pushed his head into a crevice and pushed the rocks aside to create the narrow winding passage. The lesser serpents fled from him as he approached, which is the legend’s explanation for the formation of Coldwater Canyon and Witches’ Gulch.

wisconsin dells ducksIn 1875, early landscape photographer H. H. Bennett established a studio in the city and took many photos of the sandstone formations in the dells, including stereoscopic views. The rugged gulch was relatively inaccessible in those days, so Bennett reportedly trekked the area when it was iced over.  Carving steps into the ice as he traveled through the gulch photographing the incredible sandstone formations as he went. Prints of these photographs were distributed across the United States enhancing the status of the area as a destination for sightseers. While in Wisconsin Dells take some time to visit the H. H. Bennett Studio, a historic site operated by the Wisconsin Historical Society.

Original Wisconsin DucksThe gulch today is just as scenic and unbelievably gorgeous, but easily accessed by a wooden walkway. Even if you come to the Dells for the waterparks, you would be remiss to not take the opportunity to explore this wilderness wonderland. There are a number of boat tours which include a walk through Witches Gulch, and they are absolutely the best way to go. In addition to the chance to walk the gulch, you can view the impressive rock formations along the Wisconsin River, and you’ll learn so much from the guides about the geological formation, the legends, the history of the region and fascinating tales about individual sandstone sculptures.

dThe Upper Dells Boat Tour features the famous ‘stand rock’ where H.H. Bennett took the very first stop-action photo, and you will witness a trained dog leaping the great chasm, in addition to visiting the Witches Gulch. The Wisconsin Dells Sunset Dinner Cruise includes a lovely dinner and beautifully painted landscapes as the sun sets over the Dells and moonlight walk through the glen. Still others, portraying the glen as a ‘spooky’ place, and playing on the name and legends, promise a scary time. the Ghost Boat Wisconsin Dells Boat Tour includes many a spooky legend and an after dark adventure along the winding boardwalk.


Photo Tours are a Great Way to Enjoy Las Vegas Area Scenery

Grand Canyon South Rim Photo TourSurrounding the glitz and glamour of the city of Las Vegas are some of the most spectacular and beautiful wild lands in North America. With the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and Death Valley all in the vicinity, Las Vegas offers great photography tours for travelers to enjoy. Bring your camera to Las Vegas and set out on one of the area’s many fine photo tours on your Vegas vacation. 

Grand Canyon South Rim Photo Tour

For amazing scenery, few places can compete with the Grand Canyon. The Grand Canyon South Rim Photo Tour gives you a chance to view the canyon from several scenic vantage points. You can spend three hours on the rim and take the gorgeous walk from Mather Point to Bright Angel Point, sometimes referred to as the “most beautiful walk in the world”. During the trip you will learn about the Grand Canyon and the American Southwest from your knowledgeable tour guide. You will also make a photo stop at the Route 66 Train Museum.

  Hoover Dam Photo Tour

The Hoover Dam stands as a testament to man’s ability to harness the power of nature. This remarkable structure has formed the world’s largest man made lake, Lake Mead. You can see the impressive 700 foot tall dam and view the surrounding scenery. This tour also gives you a chance to travel off road to the picturesque Rainbow Canyon, where you can experience a colorful and awe-inspiring landscape. Here you may also get an opportunity to view and photograph the rare desert bighorn sheep that inhabit the area. 

Death Valley Photo Tour 

Despite the macabre name, Death Valley is also a very beautiful area where you can take unlimited photos of amazing scenery. From the mile high Dante’s View to the depths of Badwater Basin at 282 feet below sea level, you can see Death Valley from both high and low. Witness the expansive deserts, volcanic craters, deep canyons, craggy peaks and ornate colors of Death Valley on this beautiful tour.  

With so many incredible sights, you can’t buy enough film to capture all the images of beauty you are likely to come across on your Las Vegas photo tour vacation.