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Get Medieval in Atlanta

Spend a weekend in Atlanta and a couple hours in Medieval Times. Vacations Made Easy has a great vacation package, Medieval Times Atlanta, which includes two nights lodging in your choice of more than 90 Atlanta hotels, and admission to Medieval Times Dinner & Tournament.

Enjoy a four-course meal fit for a king, while you are entertained by the jousting and sword-fighting of the valiant knights vying for the tournament championship. The Master of Horse and the Royal Falconer are both in attendance at the tournament to showcase magnificent animal performers. The Master of Horse and a team of Pure Spanish horses will demonstrate exemplary equestrian talent. Pure Spanish horses were prized by medieval royalty for their strength and skill. Medieval TimesThe Royal Falconer’s beautiful hawks and falcons will soar over the arena and amaze as they show their natural speed and agility.

After the rousing entertainment, head back to your amenity filled hotel for a relaxing rest. There’s still time while you’re in Atlanta to catch some other area attractions. The World of Coca-Cola or Stone Mountain Park.

Savannah Foody Tour

Barbecued pork, fried chicken, okra, sweet tea, fried green tomatoes… Do we have your attention yet?

If southern food is what you dream about, then you will love a visit to Savannah, Georgia to sample the finest examples of authentic southern cuisine. The historic downtown district in Savannah is home to some of the best restaurants in the south, dispersed throughout the neighborhood, alongside unique boutiques and upscale galleries.

On the Savannah Foody Tour, you can eat your way through the historic district. Choose either a two and a half hour walking tour, if you wish to burn a couple delicious calories between stops, or ride the bus for a three hour tour which offers the lady and sonsa few more sights in addition to the transportation. Either way, you will be treated to stops at about six area eateries, many locations made famous on the Food Network and Travel Channel, where you will learn tricks of the trade, and sample some specialty southern dishes.

The stops on the tour vary from day to day, but you will enjoy every minute of the restaurants you visit. You may sample collard greens and black-eyed peas, or pecan pie, or biscuits and local honey. All the tours finish with a stop at The Lady and Sons, the signature restaurant created by Savannah’s own Paula Deen, who got her humble start in the food business making and delivering lunches to business people in downtown Savannah.

Wear comfortable shoes, and bring you appetite, for this fun tour that will leave you with a sweet taste of gourmet chocolates, and some wonderful memories.

Gone with the Wind Tour

American’s second favorite book, ranked just after the Bible, is Margaret Mitchell’s  Gone with the Wind.  Set in Atlanta during the Civil War and the following Reconstruction, this extensive historic novel spans 12 years in the life of Southern Belle, Scarlett O’Hara.

Many people today are more familiar with the 1939 film, starring Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, than the actual text, first printed in 1937, although today, more than 30 million copies have been printed.  The story opens with a backdrop of the Rebellion and Secession of States from the Union to form the Confederate States of America, and is a coming of age story about the protagonist, who grew up a spoiled daughter of a cotton plantation owner, as well as the coming of age of a Nation.  Exploring the social issues of the Caste System, Civil War, Slavery and a romance story as well, Gone with the Wind is fictional, but has become a part of American culture.

If you are one of the millions of fans of Gone with the Wind, or you just enjoy history, you can immerse yourself in the places woven into Mitchell’s novel, on a Gone with the Wind Tour.  You’ll learn about the novel’s setting, and the historical battles of the civil war that are central to the story, and hear tales of the real-life inspirations for the book’s characters.

Your tour will stop outside the Warren House, where a young news reporter, Margaret Mitchell found the names and sentiments of soldiers who fought in the Battle of Jonesboro.  You’ll take a walk through a Memorial Confederate Cemetery, where more than 700 Confederate soldiers lie in rest, but only three are known by name.  The tour makes a stop at the Phillip Fitzgerald House, Mitchell’s maternal family home.

Stone Mountain Park Yellow Daisy Festival

Make plans now to be in Atlanta September 4 – 7 for one of the biggest art festivals in the country.  The Yellow Daisy Festival features more than 400 artists and crafters, from across the United States displaying and selling their original works of art.

The festival, in its 46th year, is held annually at Stone Mountain Park, in the Events Meadow.  There simply is not a more picturesque setting for such an event.  Wander the paved paths lined with artisan booths under a canopy of big shade trees.  The mission of the festival is re-connecting families and friends with fun, shopping, live entertainment and great food.  Generations of mothers, daughter and grandmothers meander the wooded trails together in search of perfect one-of-a-kind items.

Stone Mountain ParkThe men aren’t left out, however.  The festival provides a ‘men’s den’ equipped with reclining easy chairs and a big screen TV.  The perfect place to watch the game with guys and appreciate all the food-truck items you expect to find at a festival, like corn dogs, burgers, BBQ, and it just would not be a festival without funnel cakes.

The Stone Mountain Park which hosts the festival is a trove of activities to enjoy while you are not strolling and shopping. The park is named for the 825 foot high Quartz Monzonite dome within the park, which features the worlds largest bas relief, a memorial to three figures of the Confederate States and their favorite horses.  You’ll marvel at the enormity of the depiction of Stonewall Jackson, Robert E. Lee and Jefferson Davis.  September visitors are treated to the blooming of the Confederate Yellow Daisy, which blooms in abundance on and around the mountain, and is found only within a 60 mile radius of the mountain.

Stone Mountain ParkWhile visiting Stone Mountain be sure to ride to the top of the mountain on Skyride, for an incredible unobstructed view of the relief carving, the Atlanta skyline and the Appalachian Mountains.  You should also spend some time at the Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard.  The plantation is a collection of restored buildings furnished in 18th and early 19th Century decor, portraying an accurate depiction of life in those days.  Plus they offer a working cookhouse, traditional garden and farmyard.

Savannah History Tour

The Southern slave trade used Savannah as a major port, and today, both historic sites and new museums offer a poignant way to remember, reflect, and honor the past and present of the African American experience and journey.

Enjoy a tour of the city and gain insight on a Black History Savannah Tour.  Learn about a devastating day in March of 1857, when the largest sale of human beings in US History took place on a racetrack in Savannah.  So deep was the misery of the more than 400 men women and children being sold to highest bidder, that as the skies poured rain for the two-day sale, it seemed as if the heavens themselves wept.

You’ll also visit Ye Olde Herb Shoppe, to experience the Caribbean influence the city, and sample some appetizers and mango tea.

Unwind at Six Flags Over Georgia

Just because the kids are heading back to school, it doesn’t have to mean the end of family trips.  You can still take weekend getaways to get a break from the daily routine, and recharge your batteries.

Why not spend a couple days in Atlanta, and unwind at Six Flags over Georgia?  Nothing revives an over-studied teenager like a ride on Mind Bender, a triple-looping roller coaster.  To really de-stress take an insane 4G ride on The Goliath, with 12-story drops, speeds of 70 mph, this hypercoaster careens you back to life.

Six Flags Over GeorgiaIf the back to school blues has you missing out on precious family time, enjoy some of the great family rides at the park.  Brave the rapids together at Thunder River, or race for bragging rights on the Gold Town Racers go karts.

Planning and booking your trip is a breeze, with Vacations Made Easy.  Get your two nights lodging at your choice of more than 80 hotels, and your admission to the park with our Six Flags Over Georgia Vacation Package.

Spend a weekend with your family in Atlanta.  School will still be there when you get back.

Have a Coke and a Smile

Did you know that Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta?  Its true.  Back in 1886 the formula was perfected and sold locally for five cents per serving.  About nine servings per day were sold.

Fast forward to today, when nearly two billion servings per day are sold globally.  The company now creates more than 500 beverages, sold in 200 countries, but for the first 70 years, they sold only their cola.  1955 brought the first addition to the product line with the introduction of Fanta Orange.

World of Coca-ColaWhile in Atlanta, why not visit The World of Coca-Cola, a permanent exhibition all about the history of this iconic brand.  View the vault where the formula for the world famous drink is secured.  Stop by the Perfect Pauses theater and watch the best  Coke TV ads over the years and around the world. Check out fan art in the cleverly named Pop Culture Gallery, and of course there’s a tasting room with more than 100 flavors!

Coca-Cola is an American icon, and your family will have a great time at the World of Coca-Cola.  You can visit there and other great Atlanta attractions like The Atlanta Zoo, High Museum of Art, and the Atlanta History Center with the CityPASS.  It includes admission to these and other Atlanta hot spots, and its good for nine days, so you can explore at your own pace.

Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Savannah Georgia is a wealth of history.  As the oldest city in Georgia, you can find here historically and architecturally significant homes, churches, theaters and more.  In fact, nearly all of downtown lies in some historic district.

But there is a lesser known piece of history in Savannah Georgia.  One that you may have seen, more than once, even if you’ve never been fortunate enough to have visited this charming Southern city.

Savannah Trolley ToursImagine a young man, waiting for a bus.  He sits upon a bench and strikes up conversation with any other bus patrons, sharing his life story.  From his humble beginnings in Greenbow Alabama, to the Shrimp Mogul he became, his unbelievable tale goes on, and on. In his lap is a box of chocolates….

You guessed it.  The bus stop scene from the movie Forrest Gump was filmed 20 years ago in Savannah Georgia’s Chippewa Square.  It is from that bench that the narration of the story takes place, as Tom Hanks character Forrest Gump waits for the bus.  The bench is no longer there, it was, in fact a movie prop.  But you can see it at the Savannah History Museum, and you can visit the Square and see the filming location.

Savannah Trolley ToursPerhaps not as historically significant, as the Siege of Savannah when the French and American troops failed to rout out the British during the Revolutionary War, or William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea.  But culturally significant, and close to our hearts.  Seriously, who doesn’t love the honest and endearing Forrest Gump?

You can see dozens of important historic sites with walking and trolley tours of the city.  It will be educational and fascinating.  You’ll come home with a better appreciation for American History.  And a probably a photo of Forrest Gump’s bench.

Southern Belles and Whistles

Crucial to the outcome of the US Civil war, the fall of the City of Atlanta into Union hands during the Battle of Jonesboro, is an epic turning point in American History, and a focal point of study for many ‘civil-war buffs.’  The rich history of Atlanta has been much romanticized especially in Margaret Mitchell’s novel and the time-honored classic movie, Gone With the Wind.

Learn more about the Battle of Jonesboro, why it was chosen as the setting for Gone With the Wind, and hear captivating stories about the historic homes on The Southern Belles and Whistles Tour.  Covering more than 100 years of history and heritage, you’ll follow the path of brave men and Southern Belles on this historical journey.

Southern Belles and Whistles TourStops on the tour include the Road to Tara Museum, Clayton County Jail & History Center, and the Patrick R. Cleburne Memorial Confederate Cemetery, where many of the fallen soldiers from the final battle of the Atlanta Campaign find their final resting place.

You’ll also drive by Warren House, which served as a military hospital, the iconic intersection of Scarlett Dr. and Rhett Butler Dr., Ashley Oaks Mansion, and Stately Oaks Plantation.

A historical, educational journey, and a wonderful way to spend a day of your Atlanta vacation package.

Excitement and Education at Stone Mountain Park

What is your family’s ideal summer vacation?  Adventure?  Entertainment?  Thrill Rides?  Nature?  History?

You can get all that and more when you visit Stone Mountain Park.  With 3200 acres of adventure and entertainment, you can please the whole family.

Ride the Summit Skyride.  A Swiss cable car that takes you up 825 feet in the beautiful Applachian Mountains for an amazing view of the Confederate Memorial Carving and the Atlanta skyline.  At Geyser Towers, three towers that surpass the treetops are accessible by suspended rope tunnels and bridges. To the delight of overheated children, several fountains of water shoot into the air over the exposed bridges, effectively soaking everyone who isn’t under a tower roof.

Stone Mountain ParkTake a ‘Tree-top hike’ as you adventure safely through the canopy at the Skyhike attraction.  The park offers shows like the Lasershow Spectacular with state-of-the-art digital graphics displayed on one of the world’s largest outdoor screens.

Get some nature time hiking the more than 15 miles of trails, fishing in the 363-acre lake, or a relaxing picnic in one of the park’s picnic areas.  You can even get in a round of golf on one of the two 18-hole courses.

Learn history the fun way at The Antebellum Plantation & Farmyard.  The plantation is a collection of original buildings that have been restored. Filled with period furniture and classic 18th and 19th century southern decorations, each building is an accurate portrayal of lifestyles past. The plantation also features a working cookhouse, traditional southern Stone Mountain Parkgarden, and a farmyard where kids can pet the animals and learn the role of livestock in the old south.

There is so much to do at Stone Mountain Park, its a perfect mix of excitement, education, and relaxation.