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Sun Studio Guided Tour

Next time you’re in Memphis, TN, visit the site many credit as being the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sun Studio. Stand amid the legacy of revolutionary music recorded within these walls and even get your photo with the actual microphone used by Elvis Presley, when he recorded “Thats All Right” in 1954.

Sun Studio was where Elvis got his start in the recording industry, as well as a number of other legendary artists, including Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, who had an impromptu jam session there one evening with Elvis. Can you imagine? The historic significance of Sun Studio is evidenced by the later artists who choose to record at the famous site. Artists like Def Leppard, U2, Matchbox 20, Tom Petty and many others come to Sun to record, for the heritage imparted by the only recording studio to be named a National Historic Landmark.

Sun StudioYou can experience the legendary heritage of Sun Studio on a guided tour of the facility, where you will hear stories about a number of artists and admire exhibitions of rare memorabilia and original historic recording cuts. In addition to the microphone used by Elvis, there are a number of pieces of Elvis artifacts on loan from the Presley Estate.

After your Guided Sun Studio Tour, drop into the ’50s-style Sun Studio Soda Shop and Record Store for some refreshments and an authentic ’50s atmosphere.

Memphis City Parks for a Change of Pace in the Home of the Blues

If you’re a nature or history lover heading to Memphis, make sure to stop by one of the many city parks while you’re there – you’ll be surprised by the amazing qualities that these little bursts of nature hold! Enjoy the historical aspects of Desoto Park, play in one of the largest parks in the U.S. in Shelby Farms Park, and pay your respects to the King himself at the Graceland Memorial Park!

Audubon Park

This park has a wide assortment of entertainment options for visitors of Memphis, including a golf course, play area, tennis courts, soccer field, and jogging/walking trails. This is the perfect place to take your family while you are in the city, and it is conveniently located near the University of Memphis and the Oak Court Mall.

Desoto Park

Originally built by the Native American inhabitants of early sixteenth-century Memphis, the Desoto Mounds are named after Hernando De Soto, the famous Spanish explorer who stormed through Memphis in his search for gold in 1541. Today, visitors can still view the somber relics, the Mounds which stand tall on the banks of the Mississippi River and allow a unique insight into one of Memphis’ first towns, dubbed Quiz-Quiz by Hernando De Soto. Although De Soto may have moved on in his quest for gold, the park still attracts thousands of visitors every year, who throng here to cherish the little-known aspect of Memphis’ legacy of tradition and culture.

Graceland Memorial Park

Located on the grounds of the Graceland Mansion Estates, this park offers a sentimental time of remembrance for fans of the legendary singer Elvis Presley and an intimate look into his personal life. The beautiful garden setting offers solace to fans, and it also serves as the resting place for the Presleys. At the heart of the park, visitors will find a column structure wrapping a sort of semi-circle around a flowing fountain with the graves of the Presleys surrounding the other half of the fountain’s diameter. If you plan on visiting Memphis soon, be sure to pay your respects to the King.

Shelby Farms Park

As one of the biggest urban parks in the United States, this park, with its 4.500 acres, is nearly five times larger than New York’s Central Park! Formerly home to a working farm, the park is now a recreational haven for Memphis and the surrounding communities. Visitors can enjoy a trail system ideal for walking, jogging, and mountain biking, and anglers and kayakers can enjoy Patriot Lake. Enjoy the 1,000-acre hardwood forests and hiking trails of Lucius Burch Natural Area, which offers plenty of opportunities for wildlife watching, and the area provides homes to hundreds of species of animals, including more than 200 species of birds.

Tom Lee Park

The perfect way to enjoy the natural beauty of Memphis, this park offers visitors a mile and a half stretch along the banks of the Mississippi River, and there are few places to go for a better view of this historical river. Throughout the year, the park also hosts a number of large-scale events, like barbecue contests and jazz festivals, perfect for a family atmosphere. The park is named after resident Tom Lee, who supposedly rowed a small boat through the currents of the Mississippi to save victims of a sinking steamboat, despite his inability to swim.

Rock ‘n’ Roll with the Memphis Mojo Tour

If you’re visiting Memphis soon, there are plenty of fantastic ways to tour the area. From Elvis tours to studio tours, Memphis is known for its musical influences, but if you’re looking for a unique way to experience all that this wonderful Southern city has to offer, make sure to catch the Memphis Mojo Tour on a vintage buss and with a local musician as a guide! You’ll laugh and groove with the music as you are guided past the many sights. Here are just a few places you’ll visit on the tour:

Beale Street

From the headquarters of Ulysses S. Grant during the Civil War to the proclaimed birthplace of rock and roll, Beale Street has a history that steadily runs through the veins of Americana. With more than two dozen different clubs and shops in the area, the area offers visitors a distinct style of partying, shopping, and sightseeing in the area. Have a meal at the Blues City Café, shop for one-of-a-kind items, and more!

Stax Records

The story of Stax Records is one of a cultural phenomenon that changed the culture of music forever, locally as well as nationally and even internationally. What began as a tiny record store in an old movie theater grew to become one of the most important recording studios in the world. Starting in 1959, the studio began launching the careers of unknowns who would become icons, including artists like Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, the Staple Singers, and even comedy legends like Bill Cosby, Moms Mabley, and Richard Pryor! The studio is now the Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

Lorraine Hotel

Before Martin Luther King, Jr., stayed there, the Lorraine Hotel was a typical Southern-style hotel. Although it was only accessible to whites in the beginning, after World War II, it had become a black establishment serving jazz musicians and other celebrities of the time. But everything changed in 1968, when on April 4 Martin Luther King was assassinated at the hotel. Since then, the hotel has been converted into the National Civil Rights Museum in 1991.

Sun Studio (available on the Extended Mojo Tour)

When you visit the Sun Studio, you can stand among the greatness of rock and roll artists like Elvis, Johnny Cash, and Jerry Lee Lewis, as those artists and others began their careers in this very studio. Opened in 1950, the owners could never have known the impact that their business venture would produce or that the studio would be considered the birthplace of rock and roll! This is the only recording studio to be named a National Historic Landmark.

With the Memphis Mojo Tour, you’ll get to see the hot spots in the city and enjoy the music on the tour. Learn all about the rich history of music in the city, and join in with the music-making! Tambourines, shakers, and bongos located throughout the bus let you take the fun into your own hands!

Explore the Musical History of Memphis with the Music Attraction Discount Pass

If you’re interested in music and the heart of rock and roll, Memphis is the place to go! Enjoy historical tours for Elvis fans and more while in the area, or take a stop in a local café for lunch. No matter what you choose to do, Memphis is full of exciting activities!

For one of the best deals in the area, consider getting the Memphis Music Attraction Discount Pass – it’s your passport to the music history of Memphis in one easy ticket! You can gain entry to four of the most popular attractions in the area, including Sun Studio, Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum, Elvis Presley’s Graceland, and Stax Museum of American Soul Music.

Sun Studio

At the Sun Studio, you can stand amidst the legacy of greatness! This is the location where rock and roll was born when artists like Elvis, Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, and others began their careers. Opened in 1950, this studio gained national fame as cutting-edge musicians of the 1950s fused blues and country to create a unique and revolutionary new sound. This famous studio is the only recording studio to be named a National Historic Landmark!

Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum

Created by the Smithsonian Institution, the Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum’s exhibition tells the story of musical pioneers who overcame racial and socioeconomic barriers to create the music that shook the world. Located on Beale Street, the museum offers a comprehensive Memphis music experience from the rural music of the ‘30s through Memphis’s musical heyday in the ‘70s to its global influence today!

Elvis Presley’s Graceland

Walk in the footsteps of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll at his home in Memphis, Graceland Mansion. This tour will take you from Elvis’s humble beginnings through his rise to super stardom, and you can see how the legend lived and relaxed with family and friends through videos, photos, Elvis’s personal mementos, movie memorabilia, stage costumes, and much more!

Stax Museum of American Soul Music

The story of Stax Records is one of a cultural phenomenon that changed the culture of music forever! What began as a tiny record store in an old movie theater in 1959 grew to become one of the most important music recording studios in the world! The studio then began launching the careers of unknowns who would become icons, cranking out a massive catalog of smash soul hits by the likes of Isaac Hayes, Otis Redding, the Staple Singers, Wilson Pickett, Luther Ingram, Albert King, and doxens of other artists whose influence remains vital in the music of today! Today, the Stax Museum, located at the original site of Stax Records, pays tribute to all of the artists who recorded there with a rare and amazing collection of more than 2,000 interactive exhibits, films, artifacts, items of memorabilia, and galleries designed to keep Stax alive forever.

Explore Historic Savannah

You can’t take a trip to Savannah without exploring the historic aspects of this beautiful city, so next time you’re in the area, make sure to check out these awesome touring options and activities to fully explore historic Savannah!

For a full experience, take a ride with this combo tour, which lets you explore with these different options: the Historic Trolley Tour, the Riverboat Sightseeing Cruise, and the Davenport House Tour, all of which combine to make this one amazing combination of Savannah’s historical charm! While exploring with these tours, you can explore the Historic District, Victorian District, River Street, City Market, Savannah River, and the inside of the Davenport House for a look at the historic area both by land and water. This diverse tour also gives newcomers a great way to delve into the historic city.

During the trolley tour, you can explore the city and take the opportunity to compare and contrast the city’s current environment with its atmosphere at the turn of the century. The trolley has a state-of-the-art monitoring system and will take you to River Street, Colonial Cemetery, Forsyth Park, City Market, and numerous other culturally significant areas.

On the riverboat cruise, you can climb aboard a replica paddle wheel boat, and enjoy an unforgettable tour of Savannah! And if you want to take a dinner cruise separate from the combo tour, that’s an option too, as Savannah Riverboat Cruises also offers a dinner entertainment cruise, complete with a delicious dinner buffet and live entertainment for dancing and sightseeing.

At the Davenport House, guests can get an intimate glimpse into Savannah’s southern charm and antebellum architecture. This house shows the deep history seeded into Savannah, as it is an immaculately preserved and restored colonial home, existing exactly now as it did when built in 1820. With this tour, you can get a real feel for how life was in that era thanks to period costumes, authentic furnishings, and fully equipped rooms featuring the exact kinds of accoutrements and items that would have been found in a family home during the 1820s.

Of course, the best way to round off the tour of historic Savannah is to take a peak at one of the Historic Savannah Theatre’s musical productions! Enjoy an incredible musical or comedic show to bring back the days of Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, and doo-wopping. Elaborate sets, beautifully designed costumes, talented actors, and state-of-the-art equipment join together on stage for an unforgettable performance that will take you back in time with sounds of the past!

Mt Rushmore Places to Visit During a Government Shutdown

Although the government may currently be shut down, closing off Mount Rushmore National Park and others, there are still plenty of other things to do while in the Rushmore area! Consider these ideas while we wait for the beautiful Parks and other national organizations to open to the public again!

For a one-of-a-kind experience, visit the Pioneer Auto Show and Antique Town! This rare and collectible car museum displays more than 250 classic cars, antique tractors, and motorcycles throughout 30 buildings, including Elvis Presley’s personal Harley Davidson! The antique town features an old general store with antiques, and the Zeitner Collection of Rocks, Gems, and Fossils is on display at the site. Come check out these awesome classic cars from a ’67 Mustang to a 1910 Harley Davidson! Learn more:

If you would like a more informative excursion, consider taking the guided tour at the Mammoth Site in Hot Springs, SD. Here, you can visit a paleontology laboratory, watch archaeological films, and explore the Mammoth Site of Hot Springs to your heart’s content! This is the world’s largest mammoth research facility, where you can learn how scientists carefully dig for historic evidence and unearth the history behind the mammoths and how they shaped the lives of the people who inhabited the area at the time! See Ice Age fossils, special exhibits, a scientific excavation, and even the site where portions of the movie ‘Hidalgo’ was filmed! This tour is fun and educational for the whole family! Learn more:

Also consider traveling to Keystone, SD for the Holy Terror Mini Golf course, which is tucked away on the side of a pine-covered slope at the Presidential Wax Museum! This golf course was named after the last active gold mine in Keystone, and the course takes you on a wild adventure around huge boulders, steep hills, the mine slew, a water wheel, and a bubbling stream, making this 18-hole course both fun and challenging! Learn more:

For more information on Mount Rushmore tours and other activities, visit our website!

Memorable Tours in Memphis

Memphis is known for many things, especially as the home of Elvis Presley, and many visitors come to get the full Memphis music experience. There are a lot of options for learning more about the King’s live in the city and many other options for other entertaining tours, but for a truly memorable tour, consider these ideas for a fun and engaging trip to this Tennessee city!

If you’re looking for a memorable tour in Memphis, you can’t go wrong with Elvis Presley’s Graceland Experience! On this tour, you can walk in the footsteps of the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll at Elvis Presley’s home in Memphis. The full Graceland Mansion experience will take you from his humble beginnings through his rise to stardom and show you how the legend lived by showing you videos, photos, and his personal mementos! With an audio-guided tour and several other self-guided tours, you can explore the mansion and grounds of what is the second most famous house in America! The audio-guided tour ends with Elvis’ final resting place, where you can pay your respects to the King. You can even upgrade to the VIP Tour, with even more access to information about Elvis’ life at Graceland!

For a look at the darker side of Memphis, try taking the Dark Side of Memphis Walking Tour for a frightening journey to the spookiest haunts, starting out right at 8 p.m. just after darkness has fallen! With a past full of murderers, conmen, voodoo magic, and deadly diseases, the city has accumulated a paranormal reputation that keeps guests coming for more! This one-hour walking tour gives guests a gory account of each site’s history and the spirits that remain inside. See the outside of the Gayoso House and learn about the murder that took place there and the paranormal activity that has subsequently swarmed its walls since. Also visit Howard’s Row, which was once used as a hospital ward during the Civil War and a slave market before that, and then visit Dead Man’s Alley, which has a sinister and mysterious reputation!

For more information on Memphis vacations, visit our website!

Fall Friendly Activities in Memphis

Fall is here and in true Bluff City fashion, Memphis is host to a wide and exciting range of ways to enjoy the season! Whether it be exploring the sites of the city, or pondering the wonders of the universe at Sharpe Planetarium, residents and visitors to the birthplace of rock and roll with find themselves presented with a variety of things to do this fall! Check out the ideas below, load up the car, and make your way to Memphis!

Star gazing at Sharpe Planetarium is the perfect way to spend a brisk autumn night in Memphis. As entertaining as it is educational, this budget-friendly activity is a seasonal favorite among Mid-Southerners! A guided tour of the seasonal night sky will highlight the constellations, astronomical events of the season, and fascinating stories of the star patterns.

To see Memphis stars of a different kind, be sure to reserve your tickets for the Memphis Music Attraction Discount Pass! See where rock legends like Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Johnny Cash recorded with your admission to Sun Studios, one of the most famous recording studios in music history! After spending some time at the studio, head over to Graceland, the famous home of Elvis Presley and don’t forget to visit Stax Museum of American Soul Music and the Rock ‘n SoulMuseum!

But, don’t forget that Memphis history includes more than just music! Book tickets to the Historic Memphis Walking Tour to explore the city’s most fascinating landmarks including Cotton Row, the Magevney House, and the old Shelby County Jail. Your friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will discuss the Civil War, cotton, music and how each of these has made Memphis what it is today. Enjoy leisurely walks through historic downtown Memphis on a beautiful autumn day with this enlightening tour!

For more information about these activities, hotels, and things to do in Memphis, please visit us at http://www.vacationsmadeeasy.com/MemphisTN/

Get Thrifty in Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis is home to the Memphis Flea Market, “The Big One” which opens on the third weekend of each month at the Agricenter located at 7777 Walnut Grove Rd. in Memphis. Thousands of eager shoppers and bargain hunters come to the Memphis Flea Market every month to browse through hundreds of indoor booths which have home décor, clothes, knick knacks, fragrance and makeup vendors, and tons of other collectibles and hidden treasures just waiting to be found! While you shop, stop to enjoy a snack or beverage from one of the concessions located on site. Stop on in during your trip to Memphis to find a truly unique souvenir!

Memphis Guided Bus Tour

The Memphis Guided Bus Tour is the perfect option for visitors who wish to explore Memphis’ most prominent landmarks, history, culture, and legends. The three hour guided tour transports guests in a climate controlled tour bus to see famous destinations in Memphis including the downtown area, Mississippi River, a stop at the Schwab General Store, Beale Street, and more! If you are interested in Graceland, you also have the option to pair your Memphis Guided Bus Tour with the Graceland Platinum tour! Learn more about this tour and options by clicking this link.

Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel

Plan well in advance for your stay at Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel! The Heartbreak Hotel is less than a mile from Graceland and features 128 1950s-style rooms to make your trip in memory of the King of Rock & Roll perfect! See all the included amenities at Elvis Presley’s Heartbreak Hotel at this link.

It’s Time for You to Rock & Roll in Memphis This Weekend!

The birthplace of rock and roll brings you plenty of intriguing sights and experiences. From Elvis Presley to Johnny Cash, the history here abounds and you can discover it all with the museums and tours Memphis has to offer. You’ll feel the spirit of music and the heritage of the legends around every corner. Plus, there’s delicious dining, premier shopping, and lots of lodging options to choose from. So pack your bags and head to Memphis to check out these attractions and more!

The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum on Beale Street explores Memphis artists and music from the 1930s to the 1970s. You’ll learn about their racial barriers and socioeconomic hardships that they crossed over with their passion for the music they loved. It’s bound to be an inspiring and learning experience for everyone.

Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley all recorded at Sun Studio. The Sun Studio Guided Tour takes you into the studio that was opened in 1950 and made an impact like no one could have expected. It is now a National Historic Landmark and houses rare memorabilia and historic recordings. The legacy of Sun Studios is incomparable as many legendary musicians from years ago to recent have recorded here. It’s a delight to share in that history with this tour.

The King is alive and well with Elvis Presley’s Graceland Experience. As you go through this audio tour of the mansion, you’ll see the Jungle Room, business office and trophy building, and then you’ll head across the street for a self-guided tour of Elvis’s two custom airplanes. You’ll also explore the Elvis Presley Automobile Museum featuring the King’s beloved car collection, driver’s license, and leather jackets. You’ve got to see this when you’re in Memphis.