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Journey Through Great Western Plains History

The Journey Museum in Rapid City, SD, houses a wealth of collections and exhibits of prehistoric and historic significance. From the age of dinosaurs, to the culture and custom of the Lakota people, the pioneers and their impact, up to modern day, you can explore the region’s rich history in a fascinating and interactive fashion, as you learn about the people and customs behind the history of the Mt. Rushmore region.

The museum’s collection focus on recording and retelling the story of the Western Great Plains from several perspectives. The Museum of Geology displays dinosaur fossils and replicas in realistic settings. Educational exhibits show the geological history of the Black Hills, with geologists at work for your observation.

The Journey Museum in Rapid City, SDThe Archaeological Research Center lets you experience the cultures of the historic and pre-historic people. Visit an archaeological dig site, and see artifacts from ancient hunters to the area’s first miners. The history of the Lakota Nation is told through the exhibits in the Sioux Indian Museum, where you can learn what life was like for the tribe, how the worked, played and hunted. You’ll be amazed by the extensive collection of arts and crafts created by the Sioux and displayed among the collection of Native American Artifacts.

The Pioneer Museum chronicles the arrival of the European settlers to the Great Plains. Their tale is told through the artifacts from mountain men, military and miners. Learn the history and devastation of Wounded Knee, and meet the historic figures who played prominent roles in the area’s history, like General Custer, Sitting Bull, Wild Bill Hickock, and Crazy Horse.

Mt. Rushmore and Black Hills Tour

Of course the main attraction at Mt. Rushmore, is the massive memorial for the four US Presidents sculpted from the granite peak.  But there is much more to appreciate in this South Dakota region.  You can see it all from the comfort of a modern tour bus, and learn facts from your knowledgeable guide as you spend the day letting someone else drive.

The Mount Rushmore & Black Hills Tour begins with the famous Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, where in addition to viewing the awesome wonder you’ll enjoy a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, hash browns, sausage or bacon, and more. After you’ve had your fill, ample time is allowed so you can tour the visitor center, browse the souvenir shop, and explore the exhibits.

Crazy-Horse-MemorialNext, you’ll stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial, a work in progress which honors the culture and heritage of the North American Indians, before a visit to Custer State Park where you’ll be surrounded by astounding natural beauty at the location of the Custer’s first discovery of gold.  Other tour sites include the Iron Mountain Road, and Black Hills National Forest, with waterfalls, enormous rock cliffs, bridges, sparkling streams and abundant wildlife.

Exciting Tours in the Mount Rushmore Area

You will find that Mount Rushmore has some of the most interesting tours and attractions in the South Dakota area. The next time you take a trip to South Dakota go on the Mount Rushmore Grand Legends Tour. Experience the George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson and Theodore Roosevelt as you never have before with this tour. See them carved into rock over three stories high. Then, visit Custer State Park for a refreshing meal before continuing to Crazy Horse Memorial. The tour takes you through some of the best attractions in the area.

Another exciting tour offered in the Mount Rushmore area is the 1880 Train: A 19th Century Train Ride Tour. See the gorgeous hills and valleys of the area on this authentic, restored train from the 1800s. You can even buy a boxed lunch just like they had back in the 1800s. The whole tour has an 1800s feel that brings the past to life for you.

Don’t miss out on a classic tour that will be fun for the whole family while you’re in Mount Rushmore. Go on the Buffalo Round-up With Mt. Rushmore and Crazy Horse. This adventure tour takes you lets you experience the landscape, history, and culture South Dakota in a way that is unique. See the branding, counting, and vaccinations of the buffalo that is a tradition that has continued since the old days of the Wild West. This tour has everything you need for a great Mount Rushmore experience.

Regional History is on Display Near Mt. Rushmore, SD

Mt. Rushmore Although the Mount Rushmore area of South Dakota offers a seemingly unlimited amount of sightseeing options and natural wonders, travelers to the area would do well to enjoy some of history’s most pivotal moments through some of these museums. From early settlements and Native Americans up to the present day, a look into the history of the Mount Rushmore region and the world at large would be a welcomed addition to any vacation.

The Journey Museum offers an in-depth look at the Western Great Plains from pre-historic times through the present. The museum is divided into five different exhibits that explore the history of time: the Museum of Geology, the Archaeological Research Center, the Sioux Indian Museum, the Minnisula Pioneer Museum, and the Duhamel Collection of Native American Artifacts. See life-sized dinosaur bones, view artifacts from ancient hunters of 10,000 years ago, discover the cultures of the Lakota and Sioux Indians, or learn about the different historical individuals who helped pave the region into what it is today.

Upon its completion, the Crazy Horse Memorial will become the largest sculpture in the world, dedicated to the warrior Crazy Horse who led his Ogala Sioux at the battle of Little Bighorn. The ongoing project serves as a tribute to both his courageous way of life and his untimely death. The site offers more than just the 563-foot tall sculpture-in-progress; it is also the location of the Indian Museum and Native American Cultural Center. The museum houses artifacts and art that help paint a picture of the proud Native American culture. The collection of memorabilia is donated by tribal members and other citizens who strive to expand awareness of the Native American way of life.

Located near Mount Rushmore in the historic city of Deadwood, SD, the Adams Museum stands as the oldest history museum in the Black Hills region. Artifacts and general information about famous historical figures are on display at the museum. You will find information about W.E. Adams, founder of the museum in 1930, as well as Thoen Stone and two of Deadwood’s most well-known historical figures, Wild Bill Hickock and Calamity Jane. Learn about the life and times of these characters for an intriguing activity on your vacation.