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Miss Hampton II Harbor Cruise

See the view of Virginia’s oceanfront when you visit Williamsburg for a new way to capture the sights and experience the view the colonists did when they arrived on the new land.

The only harbor cruise vessel in Southeastern Virginia, the Miss Hampton II is a narrated tour of the Hampton River and Chesapeake bay.  You’ll enjoy many famous sites including the Jacques Cousteau Center, Waterfront Mansions of General’s Row, the Old Point Comfort Lighthouse, and more.

The waters and land in the area are steeped in history.  Many significant battles of the Revolutionary and Civil wars took place in and around Williamsburg and the harbor.

Hear the terrifying tale of real pirates, like Blackbeard, and learn his fate as you visit Blackbeard’s Point. Visit the location of the Battle of the Ironclads, Monitor and Merrimac and learn fascinating history of this and other important stories that shaped early Colonial life.

Visit ‘Europe’ in Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg is a virtual history lesson.  With living museums and exhibits to bring to life the story of the American Revolution, and early Colonial life, its a wonderful way to learn history and appreciate the hardships faced by our early colonists.  But did you know you can tour ‘Europe’ in Williamsburg?

Busch Gardens Williamsburg features nine villages representing six European Countries.  Each Village offers food, architecture and incredible landscaping reminiscent of  that European region.  And each is accompanied by adventure rides, family Busch Gardens Williamsburgrides, roller coasters and water rides.

So while you’re visiting Williamsburg, take a day to enjoy a little European vacation.

The Historic Triangle

The Williamsburg area of Virginia is home to what is known as the Historic Triangle.  Made up of Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown, the area is a wealth of American history and committed to preserving a piece of the past for future generations.

Connecting the three historic sites, is the Colonial Parkway, which is maintained free of commercial development.  Visitors traveling the scenic, pastoral route are able to get a sense of how the area may have looked to the earliest Americans.

Jamestown Jamestown was the first permanent English Settlement in the ‘new world.’  Today it consists of the Jamestown Settlement; a living history museum where you can stroll through a reconstructed Native American Village, Colonial Fort and replicas of the three ships that brought the settlers; and Historic Jamestowne, which includes Jamestown Island, and ongoing archeological projects.

Colonial Williamsburg is a large living museum of early American life.  Immerse yourself in the Colonial period with restored and recreated buildings and period costumed actors displaying the crafts and customs of the time.

Yorktown Yorktown is the site where General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington in 1781 in what was the last land battle of the American Revolution.  Historic exhibits fascinate guests to the Visitor’s Center, the area battlefields, and waterfront.

Never has American History been depicted in such an entertaining and vivid fashion as within the Historic Triangle.  Visit all three of these sites with our Best of Williamsburg Comprehensive Package.  Stay for six nights in your choice of more than 85 hotels, plus spend a day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

Historical Adventure at Jamestown Settlement

Experience first hand what life was like for the brave men and boys of the 17th Century who built the first successful English Settlement on the main land of North America.  At Jamestown Settlement, Williamsburg, VA you can explore a re-creation of this first Colony.

The life size re-creations include a military fort for you to explore.  Walk through the modest homes, church and the Governors house, while all around you historical interpreters work as blacksmiths, and other period occupations.

Jamestown SettlementYou can discover the village of the Powhatan, home of Pocahontas and learn more about the relationship between these ‘locals’ and the new colonists.  A walk to the Jamestown Pier and you’ll find replicas of the three ships which brought the settlers to Virginia.  Explore the nooks and crannies aboard the Susan Constant, The Godspeed, and the Discovery.

In addition to the ‘living history’ exhibits you can also visit a museum filled with exhibition galleries covering the story of America’s beginnings.  Artifacts and films will educate you on American history from the first Colony in 1607, to the Revolution nearly two centuries later.  All in one day!

An historical adventure is waiting for you at Jamestown Settlement.

Experience Life at the Virginia Living Museum

Just a short drive from Williamsburg VA is the picturesque harbor-town of Newport News, where you can visit an incredible museum.

The Virginia Living Museum features living exhibits of Virginia’s indigenous species. Unlike a traditional museum, the exhibits are living and include aspects of an aquarium, science center, aviary, botanical preserve and planetarium.

Virginia Living MuseumThe museum introduces visitors to the many eco-systems of Virginia including the Coastal Plain, the Piedmont, and Appalachian Mountain Cove, Cypress Swamp, Underground. And introduces more than 250 living species, through exhibits, discovery centers, aquarium, and interactive hands-on exhibits.

The museum’s outdoor exhibits include native plants, birds, butterflies, bobcats, otters, pelicans, even wolves, in their natural habitats. ThVirginia Living Museume Living Museum provides these exhibits in an effort to increase awareness and appreciation for the living world. Once you’ve experienced a cool mountain cove, and steamy cypress swamp, the underwater world of Chesapeake Bay, and a limestone cave, you can set your sights higher as you view the sun from the observatory, and see the universe in the digital planetarium.

This really is a one-of-a-kind museum that will fill you with awe and wonder. View the life that exists deep in the earth, to high in the heavens. All in Virginia.

A Patriotic Fourth of July in Colonial Williamsburg

Independence Day is right around the corner.  And few places throughout the nation offer a more patriotic, authentic view of our nation’s past than Colonial Williamsburg, making it the perfect destination for your Fourth of July this year.

The land is packed with a powerful history of some of America’s original settlements, and it also holds a recorded past of the Revolution, including Yorktown, the site of the final battle of the Revolutionary War.

Colonial WilliamsburgColonial Williamsburg educates visitors about America’s forefathers’ struggle to overcome British rule and make a home for themselves on foreign land, and visitors are sure to be aware of the intense, historical significance of the area, particularly on this special day. Highlights throughout the day include cannon salutes, drum processions and a spectacular fireworks display!

Make a week of it and enjoy more of the activities and attractions Williamsburg has to offer, like Busch Gardens or Water Country USA.  A week in Williamsburg will be a vacation to remember.Colonial Williamsburg

“Shagging” on the Riverwalk Landing

Do you Shag? All your friends are doing it. If you’re not, now is your chance to learn the popular dance, commonly known as “The Shag.”

This summer Yorktown is celebrating the shag with a summer concert series at the Riverwalk Landing, along the York River. Free concert events, open to the public and appropriate for all ages, featuring Beach Music Bands taking place all through June.

Shagging on the RiverwalkComplete with a dance floor, and shag lessons for beginners these gatherings will be a fun experience to add to your vacation this summer. So bring your lawn chairs and be ready to dance, or just relax and enjoy the music on the Riverwalk from 6:30 -9:30 Friday evenings: June 9, 23, 30.

Learn American History as you step back in time touring the place where our country was born back in 1607. Then, learn some new dance steps.

Vacations Made Easy has many vacation packages for visiting Colonial Williamsburg, or create your own custom vacation package.

Spring into Fun with Busch Gardens Williamsburg

There’s no better way to kick off spring and celebrate being a kid than to visit Busch Gardens in Williamsburg! With an assortment of entertaining shows, animal encounters, and their KIDsiderate attractions, Busch Gardens is ready for spring just as much as you are. The season just began, and they are gearing up for the rest of the season with lots of fun activities and events:

Land of the Dragons 20th Anniversary: Busch Gardens is throwing a party to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Land of the Dragons, so everyone come out on Saturday, April 26 to commemorate the event with games, face-painting, and appearances by some modern-day “dragons.” Busch Gardens is updating the area with fresh paint, new colors, and the addition of a new animal show.

Sesame Street Forest of Fun‘s 5th Birthday Weekend: The Sesame Street Forest of Fun is turning five this April, so join Elmo and his friends this April 4, 5, and 6 for a special birthday celebration! At the Teatro Di San Marco Theatre, you can join the Sesame Street group for a special show, Elmo Rocks, which will perform at the theater daily for the weekend.

Animal Expert Jack Hanna‘s Menagerie: Visiting on April 12 and 13, Into the Wild host and Director Emeritus of the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium Jack Hanna is bringing his animal menagerie to Busch Gardens. You can see Jungle Jack and his animal ambassadors at Treato Di San Marco Theatre as they examine the importance of wildlife conservation.

Historical Points of Interest in Williamsburg

If you’re interested in learning the history of this great country, there is no better place than traveling to one of the original thirteen colonies, and the city of Williamsburg, Virginia makes its name off of the rich historical activities and locations available in the area! Here are just a few lesser-known historical points of interest in the area:

The Capitol Building

The Williamsburg Capitol is easily recognized as you draw nearer to the building. Its weathered exterior shows its age and history, as it has not been used as a capitol since 1779 when the capitol was moved to Richmond. It was used for several purposes after that, including an admiralty court, law school, military hospital, grammar school, and female academy, and throughout the years, it has been reconstructed and refurnished into what it is today. Now, it is a popular tourist site for visitors of all ages to learn of the Capitol’s role in Virginian colonial government and in the American Revolution.

Raleigh Tavern

Established in 1717, the Raleigh Tavern served as a meeting, dining, gaming, and dancing facility for colonial Virginians, and even young Thomas Jefferson frequented the tavern during his years a student at William and Mary. Even General Washington was a frequent diner at the tavern, as well as several other famous people throughout history. In 1859, the original structure was destroyed in a fire, and restoration began in 1926. Now, the reconstruction and furnishings are historically accurate.

Governor’s Palace

Completed in 1722, the Virginia Governor’s Palace instantly become one of the most elegant and impressive buildings in colonial America. Clearly a statement of power, the palace has impressive gates, grounds, and chambers inside. After undergoing various renovations over the years, the role changed in 1780 after the government moved to Richmond. The palace served as a hospital for soldiers in the Battle of Yorktown, and more than 150 are buried in the palace garden. Later that year in 1781, the building was destroyed by fire, and it was reconstructed in the mid-1900s as an exhibition site that includes artifacts and décor. Past governors who lived there include Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Robert Dinwiddie, Hugh Drysdale, Alexander Spotswood, and others.

New Year’s Eve Events in Williamsburg

If you will be in the Williamsburg area this year for New Year’s Eve, there are plenty of options for you to ring in the New Year! Whether you plan to celebrate with the whole family or simply you and that special someone, Williamsburg has something for everyone this New Year’s Eve. The following list of activities will be held in or around the Williamsburg area:

Williamsburg First Night
Welcome to First Night Williamsburg, the place where THE New Year’s Eve Celebration begins! A host of entertainers awaits your presence. A bevy of food vendors are planning menus for your delight. Make your holiday season even more enjoyable and attend a family-friendly, non-alcoholic series of live performances. KIDS SHOW and fireworks for young families will be held at MatthewWhaleySchool from 3 – 7:30 pm. Main Stages light up at 7 pm. Finale Fireworks will once again go off at midnight to bring in another wonderful year and Pachanga will serve as the Finale musical act.

High Noon Year’s Eve
The whole family can enjoy this daytime western-themed New Year’s celebration at the Virginia Living Museum celebrating the Year of the Horse. Come dressed as a cowpoke. Meet Bubbles the Clown and special animal friends from the Teeny Tiny Farm. Make crafts, play games, enjoy fun activities.

Happy Hogmanay
Celebrate the Scots’ greatest day with John Turner, David Gardner, and Cliff Williams as they present songs, tunes, and stories to say farewell to 2013 and welcome 2014. When the 17th-century government mandated the suppression of Christmas celebrations, Scotland turned to New Year’s Eve for its end-of-year frivolity, a tradition that remains strong to this day. Programs and exhibitions at The Colonial Williamsburg Foundation’s DeWittWallaceDecorativeArtsMuseum are supported by the DeWitt Wallace Endowment Fund.

Wine, Wit, & Wisdom—A Tasting of the Stars
In this New Year’s edition of Wine, Wit & Wisdom, discover the history and the developmental process of “Method Champenoise” and how it changed the wine world as we know it. What pairs best with sparkling wine? In this fun, unrehearsed presentation, you’ll sample great sparkling wines and take away a wealth of information.

A Revolutionary Holiday: Victory Ball at the Raleigh Tavern!
Imagine yourself in Williamsburg on December 15, 1781. Congress has proclaimed it a day of celebration in honor of the victory by the allied American and French at Yorktown forces earlier that fall! In Williamsburg a special mass is held and the “Te Deum” is sung. Though wearied by war and longstanding hardships, the people of Williamsburg gather with their honored French and American soldier guests for an emotional celebration of the victory many had lost hope of seeing.

For more information about activities, attractions, and places to stay in Williamsburg please visit