Explore Sealife on this Safari Cruise

The Ocean is home to a myriad of incredible, unique and fascinating creatures. The Sealife Safari Cruise takes you out onto the waters off the Florida coast, to learn about some of them, in an up-close and personal interactive expedition.

Depart from Orlando, and enter the water at Clearwater Beach. Your guide for the tour is a Marine Biologist, and the cruise is authorized to cast nets and haul in the catch for examination and release. You’ll work side by side with the Marine Biologist to bring in the nets, and as you discover the treasure of the catch, they’ll be able to educate you all about the creatures you find. You’re likely to haul in puffer-fish, sea-horses, starfish and horseshoe crabs among other small marine life.

Sealife Safari CruiseThe cruise continues to an island which is a protected sanctuary for birds, and you’ll get to wander along the shoreline to gather shells, play in the surf, or just relax with the sun on your shoulders and your toes in the sand.

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