Imagination on Sand

A new show has come to Pigeon Forge. Not just another show, it is a new show, brand new, original idea, completely fresh, unlike anything you’ve ever seen. And once you’ve seen it, you’ll want to see it again.

This one of a kind, amazing show begins with the captivating creation of sand art live, right before your eyes, by a world renowned artist. The imaginative, flowing sand art creation is projected on to a huge hi-definition screen. Then, magically, the scene depicted, comes to life on the stage. From wispy sand drawing to galloping horses and fanciful dancers, even ballet-dancing horses.

Imagination on SandFeaturing acrobats, dancers, equestrian exhibition, and incredible story-telling, you will be mesmerized by a tale that is told through the scenes, woven together with imagination and artistry. Imagination on Sand is at once powerful and graceful, humorous and romantic, honest and completely imaginary.

4 thoughts on “Imagination on Sand

  1. I’ve seen videos on YouTube of sand art, and it really is quite beautiful. What a unique idea! I’d love to see how they make it work.

  2. I have also seen some sand art on YouTube and it was really brilliantly done. If I make it to Pigeon Forge anytime in the near future then I will have see about attending this show.

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