Sunset Safari at the Grand Canyon

Experience the unrivaled, awe-inspiring adventure of a Air Land Safari Sunset Helicopter and Jeep Tour of the Grand Canyon.

This fascinating combination tour starts as you depart the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, aboard a helicopter, equipped for maximum sightseeing with specially designed windows. Enjoy interesting in-flight narration detailing the geological forces which created the breathtaking landscapes you are witnessing.

The flight takes you over the Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest point of the North Canyon; and the Tower of Ra, an impressive butte; before landing for the next leg of your expedition.

Sunset SafariJourney through the beautifully rugged Kaibab National Forest, on a guided off-road Jeep adventure, with astounding views of natural wonders like the Kaibab Plateau, and abundant wildlife all around you. The excursion is perfectly timed for your arrival at the viewpoint, just in time for a magical sunset view, as the canyon goes through a rainbow of colors upon the rock formations as the sun slowly paints her daily mural.

You’ll be reliving the adventure of the day as you glide back to the South Rim on the helicopter, and for weeks to come.

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