Mackinac Island Carriage Tour

See all the best sights in Mackinac Island on a horse-drawn carriage tour.  The first carriage tours of the island began in 1869, and this Mackinac Island Carriage Tour is one of the oldest in operation.

The island is home to many intriguing historic sites, and this tour includes more than a dozen of them, plus you can add admission to the Wings of Mackinac Butterfly Conservatory, for an even greater experience.

Your friendly driver will narrate the tour as the team of horses cart you to Historic Downtown Mackinac, The Grand Hotel, and to the Surrey Hills Carriage Museum, where your admission is part of the tour, and you are free to roam at your leisure, before climbing onto your three-horse carriage for the remainder of your tour.

The three-horse team will journey through the interior of the island, and Mackinac Island State Park.  You’ll go by Skull Cave, a small, shallow cave used by Native Americans as a site for human remains, and was used as a refuge in 1873 by fur trader Alexander Henry, who escaped capture during Pontiac’s War.

Other tour highlights include Fort Holmes, Arch Rock, Fort Mackinac and the Governor’s Summer Mansion.  This tour is really the perfect way to get to know Mackinac Island.

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