Killagain’s Island

If you enjoy an interactive dinner show experience, and maybe fancy yourself something of a sleuth, the Almost Famous Murder Mystery Dinner Theater is right up your alley. Plan an evening of great dining and entertainment in Branson, MO with this unique murder mystery comedy.

Upon arriving at the Theater, you’ll be directed to an elegantly set table, where you’ll be served a 5-star, 3-course meal with a fresh Caesar salad, fresh baked dinner roll, baked breast of chicken on a bed of fluffy rice, garlic roasted red potatoes, slow cooked green beans, and a scrumptious dessert of cheesecake, drizzled with chocolate and raspberry.

Killagain's IslandPay careful attention to the show for clues to solving the murder mystery. The Killagain’s Island show follows the story of Eunice Powell I, whose yacht, the SS Tadpole, is shipwrecked and she finds herself on a deserted island with a group of castaways. When one of them is found murdered on shore, the remaining crew are desperate to determine who among them is the culprit. The audience is invited to participate, even encouraged to holler out, make wise-cracks, as everyone is seeking clues to solve the mystery.  Was it Captain Morgan? His first mate, Killagain? Maybe the TV Celebrity, Cayenne Pepper?

Keep track of the clues you decipher, and during intermission, your clue sheet is graded by the staff. Whoever is closest to solving the murder mystery wins a ‘killer’ prize!

4 thoughts on “Killagain’s Island

  1. I’ve been wanting to see one of their shows for quite some time now, and after reading this I have to say I’m so much more excited to go!

  2. Ah! I want to see this so bad! It reminds m of the game and movie Clue. I have been dying to go to this show! Sometime soon. Maybe tomorrow.

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