Mt. Rushmore and Black Hills Tour

Of course the main attraction at Mt. Rushmore, is the massive memorial for the four US Presidents sculpted from the granite peak.  But there is much more to appreciate in this South Dakota region.  You can see it all from the comfort of a modern tour bus, and learn facts from your knowledgeable guide as you spend the day letting someone else drive.

The Mount Rushmore & Black Hills Tour begins with the famous Mt. Rushmore National Memorial, where in addition to viewing the awesome wonder you’ll enjoy a breakfast of biscuits and gravy, eggs, hash browns, sausage or bacon, and more. After you’ve had your fill, ample time is allowed so you can tour the visitor center, browse the souvenir shop, and explore the exhibits.

Crazy-Horse-MemorialNext, you’ll stop at the Crazy Horse Memorial, a work in progress which honors the culture and heritage of the North American Indians, before a visit to Custer State Park where you’ll be surrounded by astounding natural beauty at the location of the Custer’s first discovery of gold.  Other tour sites include the Iron Mountain Road, and Black Hills National Forest, with waterfalls, enormous rock cliffs, bridges, sparkling streams and abundant wildlife.

2 thoughts on “Mt. Rushmore and Black Hills Tour

  1. I’ve seen Mt. Rushmore and the Crazy Horse Memorial — both unforgettable sites. I’d love to experience some of the other stops on this tour. Sounds like fun!

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