Big Fun on the Bayou

Not far from New Orleans is one of the most unique and intriguing places in the United States.  The Manchac Swamp, home to many legends and many alligators offers adventure and an exciting experience.

A Swamp Tour into the bayou and swamplands is completely safe, even though there are countless alligators living in the murky shallows.  The eerie feeling imparted by the moss draped cypress trees is the stuff of adventure movies, and likely the reason that legends about the swamp live on through generations.

Cajun Pride Swamp TourNo hunting or fishing is permitted within the swamp, but the privately owned swampland is frequented by the Cajun Pride Swamp Tour boats.  So much so, that the wildlife are accustomed to their presence, and not only unafraid, but the alligators will actually come to the call of the boat’s captains.  Imagine being face to face with a jumping American Alligator!

The captains on these tours are all Louisiana natives, who love the swamp and can share loads of information and stories.  Next time you visit New Orleans, plan to head into the swamp with them.

5 thoughts on “Big Fun on the Bayou

  1. A swamp tour? I didn’t even know those existed! Sounds exciting although I’m not sure how I feel about the alligators lurking in the shadows. haha Still, very cool!

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