No Where Else on Earth

While visiting Niagara Falls make time for a winery tour that has been described as the most extensive tour of a facility and most informative about wine tasting.  The No Where Else on Earth Wine Tour of Chateau des Charmes will be the highlight of your vacation.

When you arrive at the winery you’ll be warmly welcomed with glass of Rose Sparkling Wine, and you are off on your guided walking tour.  You can explore the St. David’s Bench Vineyard surrounding the winery, and learn about their philosophy of viticulture.  Then back at the winery you can visit the Harvest room, underground barrel cellars and the bottling line.

The tour concludes with a tasting of four wines, including a red and a white from the St. David’s Bench Vineyard and two premium Icewines.  Guests under 21 get to sample grape juice, and everyone gets a unique dessert made from hand-made local ice cream and Niagara-grown fruit.

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