Museum of Crime and Punishment

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be in a high-speed chase?  Or maybe break into a safe, or experience a wild-west style shoot out? What if you could test your ‘criminal’ skills, without actually committing a crime?  Or, maybe you’d prefer to test your skills at catching criminals.

The Washington DC Crime Museum features hands-on activities that will thrill your family as they try out the chase simulator, and the weapons simulator used by the FBI, and more than 20 other interactive stations related to crime and law enforcement.  Kids can have their digital fingerprint made and printed out for a keepsake.

National_Museum_of_Crime_and_Punishment_-_“Tommy”_machine_gun_(3407787775)The National Museum of Crime and Punishment is dedicated to exhibits relating to crime and its consequences, in America.  Historical exhibits of Colonial crime, pirates, Wild West outlaws, the Mob, serial killers, and white collar criminals, fill the 28,000 square foot space, with more than 700 artifacts displayed.  You can see the bullet riddled car Bonnie and Clyde were in on their last day, Ted Bundy’s VW Beetle, the snub-nose revolver from the Godfather film, and many other famous and infamous objects.

A visit to the museum will have you walking through a life-sized police station, complete with booking, police line-up, lie-detector, jail cell, even an electric char and lethal injection machine.  The exhibits range from the Colonial days to the latest forensic technologies.

The Crime MuseumYou’ll also see the actual set of the TV Show America’s Most Wanted, as well as historical exhibits of famous crime scenes.  The museum provides an interesting look at criminals, and the criminal justice system from the far past to the present.

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