Nashville Civil War Tour

For an educational day-trip from Nashville, visit the Franklin Battlefield and learn about a day in the Civil War that has been called the greatest drama in American history.

The Civil War Tour takes you to walk along the famous Franklin Battlefield where one of the worst disasters of the Civil War for the Confederates took place on December 1, 1864.  In a matter of hours, thousands lay dead, or mortally wounded, including six Generals of the Army of Tennessee.

Visit the Carter House which stands today, scarred with hundreds of bullet holes, open to the public.  Learn about some of the soldiers in the battle and the emotional and physical strains the war took upon them and their families and communities.  The tour will also take you to the town of Franklin for some exploration.

Your tour will also take you to the Carnton Plantation, which served as a field hospital following the epic battle, and is open to the public today.

This tour is an interesting way to learn about the lives of real people and the impact of the war on their lives, and an in-depth look at the Battle of Franklin, and subsequent Battle of Nashville, which effectively eliminated the Army of Tennessee as a fighting force for the remainder of the war.

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