Try them All in San Diego

Have you ever perused a menu in a restaurant and couldn’t decide what to order because it all just looked so good?  Then to your delight noticed a sampler platter, so you could try everything?  Its an ideal solution when you have a variety of equally appealing choices.

Have you ever visited San Diego, and couldn’t decide which theme park to visit because they all look like a perfect choice?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could order a theme park sampler?

You can!

LegolandThe San Diego Theme Park Sampler includes admission to SeaWorld, LEGOLAND California, and the San Diego Zoo.  Plus your transportation is provided, and you can choose from 95 hotels for your four nights lodging.

At SeaWorld, you’ll find a zoological attraction that will introduce you to the many strange sights of the deep. From regal penguins to terrifying sharks, the sights are varied and accompanied by select thrill rides and live shows for an outing that is sure to stay exciting from beginning to end.

San Diego ZooEnjoy thrilling rides like the Bionicle Blaster, Aquazone Racers, and Coastersaurus at the amazing LEGOLAND California! You’ll see amazing exhibits constructed solely of LEGOs, and receive a free LEGOLAND waterpark pass with each LEGOLAND general admission ticket. Kids and adults alike will enjoy this plastic paradise.

With several different Animal Zones to choose from, it’s easy to find your favorite of the 4,500 animals at the San Diego Zoo. From the Polar Rim to Panda Canyon and from Urban Jungle to Asian Passage, these exotic animals will delight even the most mature Zoo visitor. Animals include flamingos, koala bears, monkeys, Komodo dragons, and several, vividly-colored butterflies.

Now the only tough choice is where to go first!

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