Memphis Mojo

Get your mojo rising on the most fun tour in Memphis.  Riding on the most unique vintage bus with modern convenience, this musical, entertainment tour brings music to life and invites you to play along.

Unlike some tours which offer stories and dates, The Memphis Mojo Tour is an interactive experience, complete with live music, and tambourines, shakers and bongos for you to join in the jam session.

All of the guides are professional Beale Street musicians who play and sing selection from the city’s musical heritage, and keep you entertained with comedy, history and behind the scenes stories of famous Memphis personalities.

Along the route you will see Sun Studio, Beale Street, The Lorraine Motel, early homes of superstars like Elvis, B. B. King, and Johnny Cash and other musically and historically significant sites.  This is a one-of-a-kind, action packed tour that is fun for all ages.

One thought on “Memphis Mojo

  1. This sounds like a twist on the normal bus ride tours cities have! I can’t wait to get to Memphis sometime and do this tour!

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