Heroes of the World Trade Center

As we approach the anniversary of the devastating tragedy of September 11, 2001, in New York City, many find themselves still unable to understand what transpired that day.  If you find you seek to find a greater comprehension for the events or wish to pay your respects to those who were lost, and to those who became heroes in the aftermath, the Heroes of the World Trade Center Walking Tour is the perfect place to start.

You’ll be led by a knowledgeable and sensitive guide, who will share with you incredible stories of heroic deeds, and incredible sacrifice as you survey Ground Zero.  You’ll visit nearby venues to learn the parts they played during the devastating days, including St. Paul’s Chapel which was completed in 1766 and is the oldest surviving church building in Manhattan.  Only yards from Ground Zero, the chapel incredibly suffered no severe damage and served as a hub for relief efforts.

Heroes of the World Trade Center Walking TourYou’ll visit Eleven Tears Memorial to the 11 American Express employees who died on September 11.  The memorial is beautiful to behold, an elegant and graceful remembrance of the individuals lost, with drops of water gently falling like tears upon the black granite reflecting pool.

The tour will also visit the Reflecting Absence Memorial and Steel Beam Cross, Firefighters’ 9/11 Memorial and Engine & Ladder Co. 10/10, the Essex World Deli and Winter Garden Plaza at the World Financial Center.

You’ll gain a sense of the magnitude of the attack and its disastrous effects, and also enjoy a sense of hope learning about the future plans for the 9/11 memorial and witness the rebirth of the area, where a new building planned to be One World Trade Center, will be the world’s tallest building upon completion.

2 thoughts on “Heroes of the World Trade Center

  1. If I make it back to New York city I will visit this site. I was there decades ago and stood on top of one of the towers and took pictures…so I would like to go back.

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