Mountain Biking in Canyonlands

With the heat of July and August subsiding, its a perfect time to head to Moab, UT, and explore the Canyonlands National Park.  Moab is called the capitol of the biking world, and you should see for yourself why that is on a Canyonlands Mountain Biking Expedition.

Load up your mountain bike, or plan to rent one for a cycling adventure on the famous White Rim Trail deep in the Canyonlands.  You and your bike will be driven to the top of Shafer Trail from where your guide will lead you on a 20-mile expedition of winding trails, and spectacular scenery of the canyon, river and wildlife.  Bring your lunch, or plan to purchase a sack-lunch, and plan on carrying some water for this ride of a lifetime.

The trip back is an adventure in itself as you are picked up at Lathrop Canyon, for an exciting jet-boat ride 25 miles up the Colorado River, back to town, stopping along the way to explore an area of petrified woods.

One thought on “Mountain Biking in Canyonlands

  1. This is my kind of vacation! It’s nice that they drive you to the top of the trail so you don’t have to bike all the way up there …

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