Shark Steaks, Anyone?

During your next Orlando vacation, head out into the waters of the Gulf and reel in some serious catches on a Deep Sea Fishing Gulf of Mexico package.

Your excursion will begin with a nice picnic on Clearwater Beach, and a chance to apply your sunscreen in preparation for the afternoon of fun in the Florida sun aboard the largest catamaran fishing boat on Florida’s West coast.  You’ll venture ten miles into the gulf for some fishing in some of Florida’s most bountiful reefs.  All the gear is provided and your knowledgeable guide will make sure you have a great time and a good chance at hauling in a keeper.  The reefs are teeming with a variety of fish, including gray snapper, sea bass, grouper and even shark.  You’ll have four full hours of wetting lines on this tour, and on the cruise back to the land you can think about how you’ll prepare your shark steak dinner.

2 thoughts on “Shark Steaks, Anyone?

  1. The title of this was too hard to resist. I don’t know how I feel about shark steaks but the deep sea fishing sounds fun!

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