Kids Take Over The Kitchen

If you are experiencing the snack-attacks that come with back to school days, you are not alone.  And if your kids are like most, they probably complain “there’s nothing to eat.”  Which of course means there’s no ready made, or quick microwaveable junk food to eat.  There are plenty of healthy options that kids can prepare on their own, they just need a little encouragement to discover that creating their own snacks can be fun and tasty.

The Young Chef’s Academy, with locations in California, Texas, Ohio and New York, is actively teaching kids from four to fourteen that cooking is creative, and full of discovery and fun.  Incorporating lessons in science, math, reading, health and social skills through hands-on cooking lessons.

Throughout August and September the Academy is holding open-house events for families to get a taste of what they are all about.  The free event is sponsored by the Food Network Magazine, the California Grape Board, Horizon Milk, and the Young Chef’s Academy, working in conjunction to invite kids to take over the kitchen.

Each open house event is approximate three hours and includes six stations where kids take part in hands on cooking activities.  They’ll learn kitchen safety, and how to prepare some fun, kid-friendly snacks like cake in a cup, taco bowls, and french fry salad.  The best part is the kids are doing it themselves.  They will gain confidence in using kitchen tools, and perhaps be inspired to use the kitchen at home!

The San Antonio event is being held August 30, and is not far from the San Antonio Riverwalk and great lodging locations.  The other event locations and dates are listed below.
September 8:  Forest Hills, NY
September 13:  Mentor, OH;  Solon, OH; Strongsville, OH
September 14:  Fort Worth, TX
September 20:  Fresno, CA
September 28:  Frisco, TX

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