King William Carriage Tour

The King William Historic District, South of downtown San Antonio along the San Antonio River.  Encompassing land that was once irrigated farm land, the area was subdivided in the 1860s, and a great number of German immigrants settled there, building large impressive homes in Greek Revival, Victorian, and Itanlianate styles.

By the early 1900s the area began to wane as a fashionable district, and many of the fine estates were converted to apartments, and the neighborhood declined until the 1950s when an interest in preservation of the area took hold.  The neighborhood was listed on the National Register as a Historic District in 1972, and it is a much desired place to live, as well as a rare treat to visit.

Imagine touring the streets and viewing the well manicured gardens and elegant homes from your seat on a white, Victorian, horse-drawn carriage.  The King William Carriage Tour is a relaxing ride, through the 25-block historic district.  Choose a narrated tour to learn more history of San Antonio, or if you prefer a quiet, perhaps romantic ride, opt for the non-narrated tour.

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