Ahoy Mateys!

Since the release of the first Pirates of the Caribbean movie back in 2003, there has been a huge love for pirates and pirate related products and attractions.  If you share the love for the rough and rowdy swashbucklers, you need not await the next Captain Jack film, just head to Myrtle Beach where you can get up close and personal with some real pirates in a battle for treasure.

The Pirates Voyage Dinner and Show combines a fantastic four-course meal, eaten pirate style, with no silverware, and a plank-walking, sword clashing fun pirate battle.  You’ll be seated in color-coded seating so you know which pirates to cheer for Pirates Voyage Dinner Showduring the audience involved production.

Pirate songs, balancing acts, acrobatics, live animals, and real pirate ships that are actually in water, all set to original music score created by Dolly Parton.  Its a pirate feast and a show packed with big-action fun.

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