Canyon Spirit

The magnificent Grand Canyon is loaded with unbelievable sights, many of which are inaccessible by road, and some lie within Navajo Nation, requiring a special permit to enter.

But you can fly over even the most remote and inaccessible points in a helicopter, so you can fully experience the amazing and wondrous scenery in just an hour.  The Grand Canyon Spirit Tour departs from the South Rim, cruising above the Kaibab Forest, 1.6 million acres of Ponderosa and Fir forest, interspersed with Aspen groves.  A spectacular sight anytime of year, but astounding when the Aspens take on their Fall yellow.

Canyon Spirit TourThen the South rim drops away and you are treated to the absolute best view of the entire canyon.  In the distance you’ll notice the four-story masonry Desert View Watchtower, and the multi-colored badlands of the Painted Desert.

Below you the life-giving waters of the Colorado River course through the massive canyon.  Your journey follows the river upstream to the confluence with the Little Colorado River, a site considered sacred to the native people.  Take in a birds-eye view of the polished rock in Marble Canyon and fly over Dragon Corridor, the widest and deepest part of the canyon, before returning to land safely back at the canyon’s South rim.

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