The House that Country Built

We all have a place from our past that holds rich, warm memories.  Maybe it’s the home where you grew up, or a favorite family vacation destination.  The kind of place that when you return, you’re flooded with the sights, sounds and smells from an earlier time.  You walk in and its as if the walls are talking to you, and all your friends and family who shared the space are with you in spirit.

Country music has a place like that, too.  Its the house that country music built, The Grand Ole Opry.  The whole place is alive with the history of performers and performances from the past eighty-some Grand Ole Opry john conleeyears.  If these walls could talk, they’d have such stories to tell, from iconic greats like Roy Acuff to knee-shaking first performances by up-and-comers.  And stories of the thousands of audience members who have shared laughs and tears and heard some bow-burning fiddle playing.  So many memories and emotions have filled the Grand Ole Opry House, along with so many amazing performances.

Isn’t it time you visit Nashville and return to the House of country music to revel in the culture and make some new memories?

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