Medieval Times in Anaheim

If you find yourself needing to escape the ordinary spend a weekend in Anaheim and take a trip back to the days of knights on glorious steeds, castles, princesses and royal feasts.

The Medieval Times Dinner and Tournament packs it all into a two-hour show complete with clashing swords, Spanish War Horses, and an inspiring romantic story as six bold knights compete in a tournament to win favor with the beautiful Princess Catalina.

Medieval TimesYou’ll enter the Spanish Castle set amidst the swaying palm trees in the California sun, tour the Hall of Arms, and be seated in your color-coded section, so you know which knight to route for once the tournament of jousting, sword-fighting, and feats of strength begins.  Your four-course royal feast is served as you enjoy the show, which includes equestrian stunts and a demonstration by the royal falconer and his trained hawks and falcons.

Vacations Made Easy’s Anaheim Weekend Getaway Package includes admission to the dinner and tournament, and two nights lodging at your choice from 56 hotels.  Spend your second day enjoying the many sights and attractions in Anaheim, like the nearby Disneyland and California Adventure theme park.

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