The Champion of the Mighty Mississippi

For an authentic New Orleans Cultural experience hop aboard the pride of the Mississippi River, the Steamboat Natchez.  The ninth steamer to bear the name, she is the undisputed champion of the Mississippi.  It was her predecessor who beat the Robert E. Lee in the most famous steamboat race of all time.

The Natchez is one of only two steam powered sternwheelers on the Mississippi today.  Combining the very best of contemporary construction, safety and comfort with the authenticity, style and ambience of a classic steamboat, the Natchez is a sightseeing cruise and a museum at once.

Steamboat NatchezHer gleaming copper and steel steam whistle is a treasured antique.  The custom crafted 32-note steam calliope beckons you aboard and serenades passengers as the steamer glides past the French Quarter and through one of the world’s most active ports.

It just wouldn’t feel like New Orleans without a jazz band, and the Natchez knows jazz.  Enjoy a dinner cruise, or casual buffet brunch to experience hospitality, style and live jazz while you view New Orleans from the river.

One thought on “The Champion of the Mighty Mississippi

  1. New Orleans is a one-of-a-kind area! I’ve walked the streets of the French Quarter before, but viewing it from a steamboat would be a completely different experience. So neat!

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