Concerts at Niagara Falls

The thrill and excitement of being near the majestic and spectacular Niagara Falls is an experience that can hardly be improved upon.  But it’s not impossible.

Imagine an outdoor classic rock concert in such a setting.  Or better yet, don’t imagine it, just do it.  Every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday evenings you can attend the Coca Cola Concert Series, and to put icing on this cake, its free, and there’s fireworks!

For almost 20 years the Coca Cola Concert Series has brought exciting new bands to play at the foot of Illumination Tower in Queen Victoria Park.  The shows begin at 8pm and close with a spectacular fireworks display.  It’s an ideal way to spend the evening after a day of sightseeing at the Falls.

Book a Niagara Falls vacation, and ride into the falls on Maid of the Mist, see the sights from high above the falls at Skylon Tower, then kick back to some classic rock right next to the amazing falls.

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