Death Valley Photo Tour

If you happen to be a landscape photographer, or if you are just of fan of incredible natural wonders, we have a tour that should be on the top of your list of must-see places.  A convenient day-trip from Las Vegas, you will feel as if you are visiting another planet when you take a Death Valley Photo Sightseeing Tour.

The first tour stop is the ghost-town of Rhyolite, Nevada in the Bullfrog Hills. This mining boom town was the height of technology and luxury back in the early 1900s complete with water mains, telephone lines, a hospital, school, train station, stock exchange and most notably a three-story bank with Italian marble stairs among its luxuries.  The town lies mostly in ruins, but epic ruins they are.  One building that remains intact, is a unique and fascinating bottle house, built of glass bottles.

Death Valley Photo TourNow for the foreign planet part of your tour as you enter Death Valley.  Entering at Hell’s Gate you will have an impressive view of the valley floor, before descending to the second lowest point on the Western Hemisphere, Badwater at 282 feet below sea level.  The glistening minerals of the salt flats are mesmerizing and intriguing.  Enjoy stunning sights of the sand dunes, and spectacular colors exposed in the badlands.  You’ll see the Devils Golf Course, a most amazing sight of sculpted salt peaks and pinnacles.

The amazing Death Valley Desert remains one of worlds untamed places.

One thought on “Death Valley Photo Tour

  1. This would be so fun! I’ve always wanted to go to a ghost town. I think it would be incredibly eerie but I’m sure it would have some interesting history to go along with it.

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