Experience The Grand Ole Opry

The Grand Ole Opry is not just a country music show.  It is legendary.  It is Epic.  Even the most famous of Superstars who have performed at the Grand Ole Opry, stars who have played to crowds in the tens of thousands, will tell you nothing can compare to the Grand Ole Opry.  Its something in the history, the tradition, in the 75 years of defining country music, that sets the Opry apart.

Here’s what a few of the performers have to say about the Grand Ole Opry:

Garth Brooks:  “I’ve said it for the record a thousand times.  I’ll say it again a thousand times.  This is the pinnacle of what I do.  Nothing has ever touched being a member of the Grand Ole Opry.”

Grand Ole OpryTravis Tritt:  “The Grand Ole Opry is one of the few performances in this world that will make my knees shake a little bit.”

Henry Paul of Blackhawk:  “There’s been a lot of people who’ve sold records, but if you aint played the Opry, you aint done jack.”

Bill Anderson:  “The Grand Ole Opry is to a country singer what Yankee Stadium is to a baseball player, Broadway is to an actor.  It’s the top of the ladder, the top of the mountain.  You don’t just play the Opry.  You live it.”

The Grand Ole Opry in Nashville is an experience you have to live to understand, both to the performers, and the audience.

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