Enchanted Springs Ranch

Have you ever watched a Western movie, and thought you’d really like to live there, or at least visit that little town with dirt streets, boardwalks, a saloon with horses hitched out front, and maybe a gunslinger or two?  The kind of town where more cattle are driven through the main street than automobiles, and the Sheriff wears a gold star?

Well, you probably aren’t going to pick up and move, but you can visit an old West town just outside of San Antonio Texas.  A place where longhorn cattle and cowboys are out on the range and the streets are home to horses and wagons.  Enchanted Springs Ranch, a town actually built to be a filming location for the movies and shows we love, invites guests to wander around and stop in at the blacksmith or gunsmith shop, they may even let you try your hand at their profession.  Entertainment provided by period costumed townsfolk includes Pistol Packin’ Paula, two time world champion Gunslinger.

Enchanted Springs RanchJump on a hay-ride and see why this place is called enchanted.  See the beautiful hills with clear spring-fed creeks and rivers, whose banks grow thick with berries and wild fruit and harbor deer, antelope, wild turkey, and abundant wildlife.  Maybe you’ll get a view of some cowboys and vaqueros working or driving a herd of Longhorn on this working ranch.

If the kids act up, or Mom gets cranky, just let the Sheriff know, and he will promptly lock ’em behind bars.  Don’t worry about him throwing away the key though.  All you have to do to be released, is a little entertaining.  A quick rendition of “I’m a little teapot” is typically the only restitution required.

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