Unwind at Six Flags Over Georgia

Just because the kids are heading back to school, it doesn’t have to mean the end of family trips.  You can still take weekend getaways to get a break from the daily routine, and recharge your batteries.

Why not spend a couple days in Atlanta, and unwind at Six Flags over Georgia?  Nothing revives an over-studied teenager like a ride on Mind Bender, a triple-looping roller coaster.  To really de-stress take an insane 4G ride on The Goliath, with 12-story drops, speeds of 70 mph, this hypercoaster careens you back to life.

Six Flags Over GeorgiaIf the back to school blues has you missing out on precious family time, enjoy some of the great family rides at the park.  Brave the rapids together at Thunder River, or race for bragging rights on the Gold Town Racers go karts.

Planning and booking your trip is a breeze, with Vacations Made Easy.  Get your two nights lodging at your choice of more than 80 hotels, and your admission to the park with our Six Flags Over Georgia Vacation Package.

Spend a weekend with your family in Atlanta.  School will still be there when you get back.

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