DC After Dark

There are dozens of monuments and memorials to visit in Washington DC.  Each impressive in its own right, and representative of an equally impressive historical figure, or American ideal.  Have you ever considering viewing them in a different light?

The memorials and monuments take on an even grander air when illuminated against the night sky.  Take a tour of DC After Dark, and get a fresh perspective of some of the most spectacular sites in the Capitol City.

The tour begins at Union Station then proceeds to the beautifully lit neoclassical design monument to Thomas Jefferson.  This memorial for the country’s third president was completed in 1943, and a bronze statue of Jefferson added to it a few years after.

DC After DarkOne of only four non-presidents memorialized in such a fashion, Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorial was opened in 2011, and the cut stone is striking in the moonlight and spotlighting.

The Doric columns of the Lincoln Memorial are impressive in the daylight, but imagine this monumental structure with illumination and the glow of the statue of our sixteenth President Abraham Lincoln.

You’ll also visit the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, Korean War Veterans Memorial, Iwo Jima Memorial, the White House, Capitol Building and more, before returning back to Union Station.

Get a new view of DC next time you visit, and see the sights in lights.

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