Nashville Honky Tonkin’

From Johnny Horton singing ‘Im a Honky Tonk man..” back in 1956 to Trace Adkins’ ‘Honky Tonk Badonkadonk’ there seems to be a link between Country Music and the ‘Honky Tonk’

What could be a more authentic Country Music experience than visiting some of the best honky-tonks in Nashville?  Take a tour of three of the hot spots on Honky Tonk Row and get your boots scootin’.  The Honky Tonk Tricket gives you access to Bootleggers, Silver Dollar Saloon and Doc Holliday’s Saloon, plus comes with vouchers for food and beverages.

Bootleggers features moonshiner Popcorn Suttons’s original recipe moonshine.  Try one or all of the thirteen flavors in this small Honky Tonk bar with live music.

Honky Tonk TricketTake a step back in history when you visit the Silver Dollar City Saloon.  Based on the historic Silver Dollar City Saloon which operated just down the street from 1800 to 1940, this Honky Tonk is the biggest you’ll find, covering an entire city block.  Enjoy live music and great food, including Montana Bison burgers.

The best hide-out in town, Doc Holliday’s Saloon serves up local draft beers and fine sipping whiskeys.  Experience the Nashville flavor of locally brewed craft beers, but, please….don’t Rock the jukebox.

Honky Tonks are all about Country Music, and there some great Country songs about Honky Tonks.  They just seem to go together.

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