The Historic Triangle

The Williamsburg area of Virginia is home to what is known as the Historic Triangle.  Made up of Jamestown, Colonial Williamsburg, and Yorktown, the area is a wealth of American history and committed to preserving a piece of the past for future generations.

Connecting the three historic sites, is the Colonial Parkway, which is maintained free of commercial development.  Visitors traveling the scenic, pastoral route are able to get a sense of how the area may have looked to the earliest Americans.

Jamestown Jamestown was the first permanent English Settlement in the ‘new world.’  Today it consists of the Jamestown Settlement; a living history museum where you can stroll through a reconstructed Native American Village, Colonial Fort and replicas of the three ships that brought the settlers; and Historic Jamestowne, which includes Jamestown Island, and ongoing archeological projects.

Colonial Williamsburg is a large living museum of early American life.  Immerse yourself in the Colonial period with restored and recreated buildings and period costumed actors displaying the crafts and customs of the time.

Yorktown Yorktown is the site where General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington in 1781 in what was the last land battle of the American Revolution.  Historic exhibits fascinate guests to the Visitor’s Center, the area battlefields, and waterfront.

Never has American History been depicted in such an entertaining and vivid fashion as within the Historic Triangle.  Visit all three of these sites with our Best of Williamsburg Comprehensive Package.  Stay for six nights in your choice of more than 85 hotels, plus spend a day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg!

One thought on “The Historic Triangle

  1. Williamsburg is a place where you can not only immerse yourself in culture, history, but have fun while doing it. It’s my dream vacation.

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