Save Some for the Whales

Take a short, scenic drive from Anaheim to Newport Beach, and be rewarded with the opportunity to climb aboard a 65 foot whale watching ship and head out into the open water for a life-enriching experience.

The Newport Bay area is a healthy ecosystem which provides perfect habitat for abundant marine life.  Recognized internationally as one of the top whale watching sites in the world, and easily accessible for your enjoyment.

Anahiem Whale WatchingOn your marine adventure you can encounter Giant Blue Whales, the largest species of whale, which can reach a length of 98 feet; Finback Whales, a long and slender Baleen Whale, second in size to the Giant Blue; Minke, the smallest of the Baleen Whales; Humpback Whales, the acrobats of the ocean, known to slap the water surface with their tails and pectoral fins; and Killer Whales, also known as Orcas they are actually the largest members of the Dolphin Family.

Speaking of Dolphins… you will likely be visited by several species on your expedition.  Risso’s Dolphin make regular appearances as well as the playful Common Dolphin.  You may even encounter huge pods of Bottlenose Dolphins.

Anahiem Whale WatchingThe Captain and crew of the spacious, comfortable ship all have backgrounds in Marine Biology and are happy to entertain all your questions.  It promises to be a learning experience and an salty adventure the whole family will love.  So while you’re in Anaheim, save time for the whales.

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