The Jet Boat in the Dells

What do you get when you cross a jet-ski with a 40-passenger boat?  Now, say we throw in about 1200 horse-power and a thrill-seeking Captain.  You get a Wisconsin Dells Jet Boat Adventure and the ride of your life!

Ask one of these speed and spin loving captains what makes their Jet Boat Tours the best, and they will tell you, “Its two things… Upper Dells and Lower Dells”  Offering the only Jet Boat tours that allow you to experience the Wisconsin River both above and below the Kilbourn Dam, these fun-filled tours take you past all the astounding scenery that makes the Dells area famous.

Wisconsin Dells Jet Boat AdventureThe Upper Dells features High Cliffs, like Romance Cliff, plus narrow channels and hairpin bends that make for a picturesque and exciting ride.  Be ready for anything; high power slides, power stops, spin-outs.  Enter the Lower Dells where you will get an up close view of the Kilbourn Dam, the first hydroelectric dam built on the Wisconsin River, and experience the power generated by a high-adrenaline jet-boat as you enjoy the unique rock formations, like the Hawk’s Bill which is an iconic symbol of the Dells, and speed by rocky islands into the wide open flats, where you’ll experience wide open speed and more heart-pounding splash and spin adventure.

This adventure is a blast for the whole family, its a sightseeing journey and an exciting thrill ride in one crazy good time.

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