Sawgrass Swamp Airboat Tour Adventure

Southern Florida is home to a one-of-a-kind national treasure of bio-diversity.  In the Florida Everglades, a vast expanse of tropical wetlands, you’ll find more than 350 species of birds, and thousands of plants, animals, fish and invertebrates that make up this living dynamic ecosystem.

Early explorers named the area the Everglades for the seemingly endless sawgrass marshes, and it remains a fascinating and exciting place to explore today.  The best way to access the swampy landscape is on a guided airboat tour with a knowledgeable Captain steering you through the marshy ‘river of grass’ and enlightening you about the incredible wildlife surrounding you.

Airboat Eco Tour An Airboat Eco Tour lets you experience the swamplands from the comfort of your stadium seat, traveling into the Headwaters of the Everglades, near Orlando to visit the bountiful habitats of the worlds largest living estuary.  You’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the marsh plants from the floating aquatics like water lilies and lotus, to tree islands of cypress and mangrove, which provide a perfect environment for exotic bromeliads, orchids and ferns, as you glide through the abundant swamp grasses.

You never know what animals you are likely to encounter hiding in the reeds; otters, turkeys, opossums, cranes, and even Florida’s famous residents, the American Alligator, and manatee.

Airboat Eco Tour Your Captain and guide for the tour can educate you all about the area history, back to the days of the Seminole, and the importance of the swamps and Everglades to our ecosystem.  Feel free to ask questions about the flora and fauna on your personal and private safari expedition.

You can choose to spend an hour enjoying the lush vegetation and wildlife, but you’ll probably want to stay longer, so we recommend the 1-1/2 hour tour.  It promises to be informative and exciting and you’ll leave with great memories, and more than a few fantastic photos.

One thought on “Sawgrass Swamp Airboat Tour Adventure

  1. The Everglades are absolutely beautiful, and swamp boats look like fun, but they are SO loud… Still, looks like a really neat tour idea!

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