Great Sand Sculpture Contest

There is perhaps no picture of summer more iconic than a family building sand castles on the beach.  Bright colored buckets and shovels and sand and surf, creating a sand sculpture that will be washed away with the tide, but leave a lasting memory.

For a really spectacular memory, head to the 82nd Annual Great Sand Sculpture Contest, in Long Beach.  Just a short drive from downtown Los Angeles, come witness some of the most amazing sand sculptures being created.  The theme for this year is ‘Literacy’ and a team of internationally recognized professional sculptors will create the centerpiece sculpture, while all around them, amateur, professionals, and community groups will be creating their own visions in sand.  Its a great family day trip from LA, and there will be food, vendors, live music and a fenced kids play area.  You might even get a glimpse of a long-time summer favorite, ‘the Kool-Aid Man’ who will be on site, adding to the excitement of this super summer beach event.

Book a Los Angeles Vacation Package and plan to be on hand for the August 16th and 17th Great Sand Sculpture Contest.

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