What’s a Zorb?

Have you heard of the Smoky Mountain Zorb Ride?  If not, you’re probably thinking, what in the world is a Zorb?

It is just the most awesome, fantastic, thrilling, exciting, fun-filled, adventure ride ever.  Imagine a giant clear ball, big enough for you and a couple friends to climb right inside.  That’s a Zorb.  And to ride it, you climb right inside.  You can choose to ride with five gallons of with water, for a slippery ride, as you spin and slide your way down the track.  Choose from the zig-zag track, for a crazy ride, or pile in with a couple friends to slip down the straight track.

Smoky Mountains ZORB RideIf you prefer to stay dry, there is a ride for you too.  With no water to lubricate the ride, you’ll be strapped into a harness, for a one-of-kind thrill ride that sends you head over heels over head.  This is a thrill ride no roller-coaster can beat.

The Zorb ride is loads of fun for all ages, try it out while you’re in Pigeon Forge.

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