See Hoover Dam by Helicopter

Not far from the lights of Las Vegas is one of the most visited sites in the United States.  An engineering feat, which required more than 3000 men working for five years to complete, The Hoover Dam was the tallest in the world when it was completed in 1936.

Built to harness the power of the Colorado River, the dam, which was originally called the Boulder dam creates Lake Mead, the largest US reservoir by volume.

While visiting Vegas why not take a Hoover Dam Helicopter Tour  to get a most impressive view of the dam, the Colorado River, and Lake Mead?  You’ll fly in an EC-130 Eco Star Helicopter and view the stunning Black Canyon of the Colorado, the 550 miles of shoreline of beautiful Lake Mead, and Boulder City, a town which was built prior to commencing dam construction as a place to house the thousands of workers.

Fly in style over this rugged land, and be back in Vegas after three hours in the air, so you won’t miss any of the action, and have fantastic memories and amazing photos.

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