Thrill Rides in Paradise

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Paradise?’  Most people imagine a serene tropical oasis, waterfalls, colorful exotic plants and birds so friendly they light upon your hand.  Or maybe a beautiful beach where you can wade into crystal clear water and become entranced by the peaceful sting-rays floating around you.

If  either or both of those scenes sound like paradise to you, then you simply must treat yourself to a day in paradise.  Its as close as San Antonio at Aquatica waterpark.

Aquatica San AntonioLike other waterparks, Aquatica has thrill rides, exhilarating waterslides, rivers, lagoons, and relaxing beaches.  But this waterpark goes all out to create an island oasis.  Float along the river into Roa’s Aviary where you’ll encounter hundreds of birds of more than 50 exotic species, and have an opportunity to hand feed some of these splendid feathered exotics.

You can also visit the KeRe Reef, where several species of stingray glide through the water.  Wade into the reef and feed the mesmerizing, but completely harmless creatures.

A day in Aquatica’s paradise fills your need for thrill rides, peaceful beach relaxation, and you’ll also get up close personal experiences with some amazing creatures.

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