Paul Harris & The Cleverlys

With all the fantastic shows in Branson, you really can’t go wrong with any of them.  But sometimes it’s nice to have a recommendation for a sure bet great show.  We are here for you with a show that promises a wonderful time with lots of clean laughs and great tunes, perfect for the whole family.

Paul Harris is a truly hilarious comedian, who hails from Arkansas and tells about growing up there, and how he decided that he was better suited to comedy, than shoeing horses.  We don’t know the quality of his farrier work, but he is definitely a top-notch comedian.  His antics on stage keep audiences in stitches all the way to the intermission.

Paul Harris & The CleverlysThen he is joined on stage by his bluegrass band, The Cleverlys.  The humorous ‘trio’ of four bring plenty of laughter, and they are truly outstanding musicians.  The performance is spot on, and like none you’ve heard as they play bluegrass renditions of music from all genres.  Can you imagine AC/DC or Lady GaGa, bluegrass style?  These talented men will amaze you, in a fun, knee-slapping, toe-tapping show.

2 thoughts on “Paul Harris & The Cleverlys

  1. I went to see Paul Harris and the Cleverlys, Paul is a funny comedian and the band is funny and the music is good too!

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