Great Gatsby Festival in Lake Tahoe

Before Leonardo DiCaprio played Jay Gatsby on the big screen and the country went mad for Gatsby parties, and fashions and everything Gatsby, The Tahoe heritage Foundation was hip to the scene.  Since 1985 they have held a Great Gatsby Festival at the Tallac Historic Site.

Make plans to be in the Lake Tahoe area this August 9, 10 to take part in a celebration of Lake Tahoe’s version of the Gatsby lifestyle of wealthy decadence and no regard for prohibition, as defined by the Pope, Tallac and Baldwin Families.

Each year the festival is held at the Tallac Historic Site, home to the estates of the notorious former residents.  Festivities include actors and volunteers dressed in 1920s garb guiding you through what a day in the life of the wealthy and glamorous.  Enjoy period delicacies, music and recreation; vintage car shows, wandering musicians, and tours of the Pope House.

Sunday the festival culminates with a Tea and Fashion Show, with sweets and savories, high tea and ‘bootleg’ champagne.

So throw on that flapper dress, spiff up your flivver, and put on the Ritz to get down Gatsby style in Lake Tahoe.

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