Have a Coke and a Smile

Did you know that Coca-Cola was born in Atlanta?  Its true.  Back in 1886 the formula was perfected and sold locally for five cents per serving.  About nine servings per day were sold.

Fast forward to today, when nearly two billion servings per day are sold globally.  The company now creates more than 500 beverages, sold in 200 countries, but for the first 70 years, they sold only their cola.  1955 brought the first addition to the product line with the introduction of Fanta Orange.

World of Coca-ColaWhile in Atlanta, why not visit The World of Coca-Cola, a permanent exhibition all about the history of this iconic brand.  View the vault where the formula for the world famous drink is secured.  Stop by the Perfect Pauses theater and watch the best  Coke TV ads over the years and around the world. Check out fan art in the cleverly named Pop Culture Gallery, and of course there’s a tasting room with more than 100 flavors!

Coca-Cola is an American icon, and your family will have a great time at the World of Coca-Cola.  You can visit there and other great Atlanta attractions like The Atlanta Zoo, High Museum of Art, and the Atlanta History Center with the CityPASS.  It includes admission to these and other Atlanta hot spots, and its good for nine days, so you can explore at your own pace.

3 thoughts on “Have a Coke and a Smile

  1. This is neat to know about Coca-Cola. I didn’t know some of the things mention and I think going to this attraction would be a very educational experience.

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