Life is Like a Box of Chocolates

Savannah Georgia is a wealth of history.  As the oldest city in Georgia, you can find here historically and architecturally significant homes, churches, theaters and more.  In fact, nearly all of downtown lies in some historic district.

But there is a lesser known piece of history in Savannah Georgia.  One that you may have seen, more than once, even if you’ve never been fortunate enough to have visited this charming Southern city.

Savannah Trolley ToursImagine a young man, waiting for a bus.  He sits upon a bench and strikes up conversation with any other bus patrons, sharing his life story.  From his humble beginnings in Greenbow Alabama, to the Shrimp Mogul he became, his unbelievable tale goes on, and on. In his lap is a box of chocolates….

You guessed it.  The bus stop scene from the movie Forrest Gump was filmed 20 years ago in Savannah Georgia’s Chippewa Square.  It is from that bench that the narration of the story takes place, as Tom Hanks character Forrest Gump waits for the bus.  The bench is no longer there, it was, in fact a movie prop.  But you can see it at the Savannah History Museum, and you can visit the Square and see the filming location.

Savannah Trolley ToursPerhaps not as historically significant, as the Siege of Savannah when the French and American troops failed to rout out the British during the Revolutionary War, or William T. Sherman’s March to the Sea.  But culturally significant, and close to our hearts.  Seriously, who doesn’t love the honest and endearing Forrest Gump?

You can see dozens of important historic sites with walking and trolley tours of the city.  It will be educational and fascinating.  You’ll come home with a better appreciation for American History.  And a probably a photo of Forrest Gump’s bench.

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