Free Outdoor Movies in Washington DC

So, you’ve booked your Washington DC trip.  You’ve covered all the bases.  Your family will be seeing all the sights, monuments, and museums.  You have all your days filled with interesting, fascinating, even educational tours.  You didn’t leave out a thing.

Except what are you going to do in the evening?  Even in the finest lodging, your family will feel they are missing out, if they are sitting in the suite watching TV, just as if they weren’t on vacation.  And you didn’t include any evening activities in your budget, so now what?

We have you covered.  Several locations around the city are offering free, outdoor movie nights.  Nearly every night in August you can find a movie, and get your family out of the hotel.  Just bring some snacks and blankets, and a couple bucks for parking.

Rosslyn Outdoor Film Festival at Gateway Park is projecting movies on a huge screen.  This year they feature films with the theme, ‘Work.’
August 1 – 9 to 5
August 8 – Empire Records
August 15 – Miss Congeniality
August 22 – Anchorman
August 29 – TBD

Screen on The Green, movies on the National Mall
August 4 – Key Largo
August 11 – A Soldier’s Story

outdoor movies dcFilms at the Stone, at the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Site.  You can catch one film there on August 28th.  The title has not yet been announced, but it promises to be a moving human trial film.

Drive In Movies at Union Market.  The free movies start at 8:30 and are displayed on Union Markets 3-story exterior wall.  Pre-show events include contests, give-a-ways, and DC Roller girls as car-hops.
August 1 – Finding Nemo
August 8 – Casino Royale

No Ma Summer Screen is showing films with the theme, “unlikely friendships”  With pre-movie DJ, special guests, BBQ and surprises.
August 5 – Despicable Me
August 6 – Top Gun
August 13 – The Sandlot
August 20 – TBD

Capitol Riverfront Summer Outdoor Movies on the Capitol Riverfront.  Trivia and hula-hooping are promised before the show.
August 7 – Rudy
August 14 – A League of Their Own
August 21 – The Blind Side
September 1 – Moneyball

Crystal Screen Outdoor Film Festival at the Crystal Metro Station is basing their theme on the proximity to Reagan International Airport, and showing “airport” themed films
August 4 – Red Tails
August 11 – Executive Decision
August 18 – Flight
August 25 – Snakes on a Plane

National Harbor Outdoor Movies
August 3 – Singing in the Rain
August 10 – Goldfinger
August 17 – From Russia with Love
August 24 – Dr. No
August 31 – You Only Live Once

So book your hotel, your tours and pack a picnic.  It’ll be easy.

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