Its all About the Pizza

With so many notable and famous sites in Chicago, it can be rough to navigate your way to see them all.  Its a good idea to take advantage of a guided tour, so you can enjoy your sightseeing, learn from an area expert and have no worries about traffic in a unfamiliar city.

Vacations Made Easy has several Chicago tour options, an Architectural Cruise on the Chicago River, Hop-on, Hop-off Trolley Tours, a handful of biking tours and Segway tours just to name a few.

But by far the best tour is the one with Pizza!  You have not really experienced Chicago, until you’ve indulged in Chicago Pizza.  This is not Chicago-style pizza from your local pizzera, its authentic, and its the stuff dreams are made of.

Architectural CruiseOk.  But, first the tour.  You see the most popular highlights of the city on the Chicago Grand Tour.  The North Side and South Side business and residential districts, the Loop, Downtown Chicago, The lakefront, Millennium Park, Grant Park.  Stop at Museum Campus a park which is home to The Field Museum of Natural History, Shedd Aquarium, and Adler Planetarium.  You can walk through the Lincoln Park Conservatory amongst ancient ferns, tropical palms, and a myriad of exotic plants.  Enjoy the impressive Chicago Skyline view.

Chicago Bike TourNow.  Back to the Pizza.  Stop in at one of the most popular pizza restaurants in Downtown Chicago, for a pizza that puts the pie in pizza pie.  This isn’t a pan pizza with thick dough and a light covering of toppings.  Its a deep pizza filled with delectable pizza ingredients.  Assembled upside down from your typical pizza this deep deliciousness starts with the cheese on the crust, so it wont burn during the long baking time required for an artfully yummy creation.  Then its loaded with the meats and veggies you desire and then comes the chunky tomato sauce.   This is the kind of pizza that will tempt you to use a fork.  Mmmm…

Now, that’s the way to experience Chicago.

4 thoughts on “Its all About the Pizza

  1. I’ve visited Chicago one time in my life and I will say I wish I went on one of the tours. The traffic is completely different from where I live. And the pizza looks absolutely amazing!!!

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