A Storm of Fun – Hurricane Harbor

It has begun.  The ads for ‘back-to-school’ have hit the airwaves and the circulars.  It can’t be…School?   Again?  There’s still a lot of summer left, and you should live it up.  Take those kids out for another fantastic summer fling before their routine turns to early morning walks to school and late nights of homework.

We have the perfect way to shake the ‘back-to-school’ blues.  Six Flags Hurricane Harbor.  Take the whole family for a day of carefree bliss and water fun in Los Angeles.

Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Los AngelesEnjoy great family rides you can all share together like the Lost Temple Rapids, or a slower River Cruise.  Race for bragging rights down the Bamboo Racer toboggan speed slide.  Or hang out together catching waves at the Forgotten Sea Wave Pool.

They have thrill rides, too, of course, tunnels, funnels, tubes, and the fastest of fast speed slides.  Do you have the guts to try the Bonzai Pipelines?  Stand waiting for the trap door beneath your feet to open and send you on a six-story screaming ride through dark tunnels.  We are talking extreme thrill ride on this one.Six Flags Hurricane Harbor, Los Angeles

The younger kids aren’t left out of the slippy splashy good time.  The park has two awesome play area for them with slides, rides and a lounge area for mom and dad.

Don’t let the ‘back-to-school’ hype fool you.  There’s still plenty of time for a family trip to Hurricane Harbor.

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