Life is But a Dream – Float on The Colorado River

You’re standing on the rim of the Grand Canyon, mesmerized by the way the light and shadow play on the cliff walls, raptured by the sheer enormity, and gazing wistfully at the Colorado River so far below.  ‘Oh, to be on the river, reveling in the view of the canyon from below’… you think.

Make the dream come true.  Take your family on a water bus trip along the river.  Its easier than you think.  Vacations Made Easy can set you up with transportation by motorcoach around the East Rim, through the Navajo Nation and the Painted Desert to the base of the Glen Canyon Dam.  And that is where the fun really starts!

Grand Canyon Smooth Water Bus TripClimb aboard your motorized raft, with your family and an expert guide to begin your fifteen mile float trip.  As you drift along the river through Glen Canyon your guide shares facts, history and stories about the area.  Relish the stunning views and wonder ‘how in the world do those trees grow there?’  You may even chance upon some big-horn sheep.

You’ll have a break from the water to enjoy the provided picnic lunch on the riverbank, then set off on a hike where your guide will lead you to some ancient petroglyphs, before launching off again to finish the float trip.Grand Canyon Smooth Water Bus Trip

Then its back on the motorcoach where you’ll be torn between enjoying the view out the windows, or scrolling through all the great photos you snapped along the river.

In all the trip takes about twelve hours, about half of which are on the river.  Be sure to include a water bus float trip for your family while your visiting the Grand Canyon this summer.

One thought on “Life is But a Dream – Float on The Colorado River

  1. The Grand Canyon and Colorado River is one of the most beautiful areas in the country! Just my opinion, but I’d love to go back there any time.

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